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Hike with VU Rec

Join us for 6 amazing hikes that will show you the best southern California has to offer. You will see it all with these six hikes from pristine beaches and beautiful waterfalls, to stunning mountain peaks.

The 6-pack of hikes are perfect for all ability and experience levels from beginners looking for new adventures to your seasoned explorer. If done in order, they will get progressively longer and are meant to build you up to summit scenic Mount Baldy. Complete any of the hikes to be entered into a drawing for awesome give-aways from VU Rec.


  1. Sturtevant Falls Trail - 3 miles. Monrovia, CA Easy Difficulty
  2. Top of the world-(West Ridge to Car Wreck Trail and Mathis Canyon Loop) 3.4 Miles Laguna, CA Easy Difficulty
  3. Suit Trail – 6 miles, Corona CA Moderate Difficulty
  4. El Moro Canyon to Moro Ridge Loop 8 mi, Crystal Cove, CA Moderate Difficulty
  5. Bridge to nowhere 10 mi, La Verne CA Moderate Difficulty
  6. Mount Baldy 11.3 mi, Mt Baldy CA Hard Difficulty

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