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Tenant and Landlord Responsibilities

Things to Know as a Tenant

As a tenant, there are many responsibilities that you will have to your landlord. It is important to know how your landlord should help you and what your responsibilities are in maintaining your space.

1. Pay Rent/Utilities in Full and On Time

Unless you have set up an escrow account, you are legally obligated to pay your landlord according to your lease. Also, unless you’ve signed separate leases, all tenants count as one, meaning even if you’ve paid your portion of the rent, you’re still responsible if another roommate hasn’t. This is good to keep in mind when you are selecting roommates. Make sure you are selecting those that are trustworthy and timely!

2. Keep Unit Clean and Organized

Many struggle with regular cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning will not only prevent your apartment from getting mold, bug infestations, etc., but is also a much healthier living environment. Living in a lot of filth can cause bacteria growth and an unsuitable living environment. 

3. Notify Landlord of Problems Right Away

Let your landlord know of any malfunctions, reoccurring insect/rodent problems, etc. when you discover it. The sooner you let them know, the sooner the problems can be remedied.

4. Communicate Effectively & Responsibly

The key to a positive living experience is effective communication between you and your landlord. Be very clear about your expectations of them, and be sure you are clear of theirs for you. Also, make sure you get all communication in writing, especially concerning repairs.

5. Be Aware of what Your Landlord's Responsibilities Are

For a thorough guide on what your landlord's responsibilities are, take a look at rentprep.com for ways in which they should be serving you.