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Finding a Roommate

Finding a roommate can be stressful. Oftentimes, you may room with someone who you do not even know. Other times, you might room with a friend but not room together particularly well. Below are some helpful things to think through as you search for a roommate.

Before you Move In

  • Make a list of what you have and what you might need when moving into a place. This can be beneficial so two people are not buying the same thing unnecessarily!
  • Decide who will purchase any new/necessary items that neither of you own.
  • Make a list of habits you have and what you could/could not put up with. Examples include:
    • Sleep habits - How late/early do you go to bed
    • Cleanliness - Do you keep your room clean? How about dishes?
    • Lifestyle - Are there lifestyle choices you might be uncomfortable living with?
    • Introvert/Extrovert - How much are you wanting to invest in your roommates?

When Expectations are Not Met:

  • Schedule a house meeting.
  • List what you want to talk about prior to the meeting.
  • Stay in the present as much as possible. Avoid talking about things that happened a month ago and have already been resolved.
  • Talk to one another and work towards a compromise or agreement.
  • Look at what you can all do differently next time.
  • Don't yell or accuse.
  • Communicate face-to-face or over the phone. Try not to text or leave notes.
  • If you don't confront issues that are bothering you, the fault ultimately lies with you.

Post Move-In

  • Make sure to divide up responsibilities. Having one person in charge or rent, one person in charge of utilities, and one in charge or reporting maintenance issues could be a good way to divide responsibility. 
  • Communicate everything back to your roommates. Make them aware of problems in the house or conversations had concerning rent/utilities/etc.
  • Be sure to keep communicating with each other, as roommates, to keep your relationship a positive one!