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About Us

The role of commuter life is to ensure the needs of students who live off campus are acknowledged and addressed and to facilitate the integration of commuter students into the Vanguard community. 


  1. Developmental Engagement: Connecting students to resources and each other at their developmental level.
  2. Shaping Community: Challenging and supporting students while holding them accountable as they grow toward Christ-likeness.
  3. Intentional Reconciliation: Assisting students individually and collectively to find restoration from their brokenness.
  4. Holistic Care: Creating space for students to understand themselves, their story and how to cultivate a healthy life.

Departmental Goals

  1. Spiritual Formation: Spirit empowered leadership and service is fostered in partnership with the Spiritual Formation Department.

  2. Vocational Discovery: Commuter Assistant and other leadership opportunities made available to commuter students. Our hope is that commuter students would be able to express their talents and vocational goals in addition to gaining job procurement skills. Commuter Life will collaborate with Career Services to reach commuter population.

  3. Fostering Relational Competencies: Commuter students should be able to understand how decisions both affect themselves and those around them. Commuter Life events will focus on topics such as diversity and conflict.

  4. Personal Development: Commuter students should be able to identify their own personal narrative, equipped with tools on how to share with others.

  5. Intercultural Engagement: Commuter students should be able to understand differences that exist among peers, and engage genuinely with those around them. Commuter Assistants specifically will be trained in supporting justice and demonstrating inclusion.