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Campus & Commuter Programs

Student Life at VU

Whether you're commuting from nearby or living on campus, Vanguard offers a vibrant array of programs and activities designed to enrich your college experience. Our Commuter and Campus Programs are dedicated to fostering a dynamic and inclusive community where every student can thrive and get involved in campus life.

Get Plugged In

Join one of our diverse clubs and organizations, become a student leader, and enjoy the perks of campus programs. There's always something happening at VU!

Signature & Traditional Events

Campus events play a vital role in creating a sense of community and generating fun on a college campus. They offer students opportunities to socialize, build lasting friendships, and engage in shared experiences that foster a strong sense of belonging. At Vanguard, we host annual events, offer diverse experiences through clubs and organizations, as well as foster community through affinity groups like commuter life and student leadership. Below are some of our highlighted traditions, but the fun doesn’t stop here.

All School Dodgeball

In collaboration with VU Rec, All School Dodgeball is a fun and exciting event will get you and your hallmates ready for the year. This event happens every fall semester. You won't want to miss it!

Hispanic Heritage Block Party

In partnership with our El Puente Club, Intercultural Student Programs hosts the Hispanic Heritage Block Party on the lawn every fall. You won't want to miss this time of fun, food, and celebration.

Mock Rock

A lip sync battle for the ages! Mock Rock is a class-based competition hosted in the spring semester. Join your class and compete to win the title for Mock Rock champions or come cheer on your peers.

All School Party

We kick off the year with the biggest party you've ever seen. All School Party set the tone for the adventures to come. With interactive booth, events, and fun vibes, you're sure to have an amazing time.

One of the most impact experiences during my time at VU is being able to work hands on with other students and potentially make an impact on their lives. I've had the amazing opportunity to work in Student Engagement & Inclusion and was able to make events and connections with my peers I may have never meant has been so impactful. - Alyssa C. Business Administration, '24


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