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Spiritual Formation and Chapel


The mission of Vanguard University is to pursue knowledge, cultivate character, deepen faith, and equip each student for a Spirit-empowered life of Christ-centered leadership and service.

It is through spiritual formation that all of this is possible—the chapel services, discipleship programming, and outreach opportunities at Vanguard strengthen your foundation in Christ.

Chapel & Spiritual Formation Content

The Spiritual Formation department's hope is to not only empower our students through chapel and discipleship efforts, but to provide resources for those outside our community as well. Below are link to devotional guides, audio recordings of our chapel speakers, and much more. We hope you engage with the material and find is helpful in your spiritual journey.

Chapel Audio Files are located here.

Chapel Tracks


Chapel Gatherings


Chapel Services are offered throughout the week on campus, and offer challenging messages, impactful worship, and an environment designed to help you grow spiritually. Students can contribute to chapel and get involved.

Worship is an integral part of the VU community and foundational to the spiritual, intellectual, and social development that students will experience during their time at VU. Chapel services are intended as a time for the VU community to pursue God together and learn to respond to His leading through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Here is a list of current VU Chapel gatherings offered on a regular basis: 

Main VU Chapel Gatherings

  • Mondays EXCAVATE 8:00-8:50PM -Needham Chapel 
  • Tuesdays 9:30-10:20AM - NMC Worship Center 
  • Tuesdays 12:00-12:50PM Commuter - Needham Chapel (all are welcome)
  • Wednesdays 10:00-10:50AM - NMC Worship Center 
  • Wednesday Liturgical Prayer 7:00-7:50AM - Great Commission Hall in Heath
  • Wednesdays SHINE 9:30-10:30PM - NMC Worship Center 
  • Thursdays 9:30-10:20AM NMC Worship Center
  • La Capilla - 2:00-2:50PM - Needham Chapel - 
  • Various Special Ministry Chapel Events TBA 

Alternative & Online Chapels

(Up to 50% of Student's total credit need)
Athletic Small Gatherings: BAM, Coach Led, etc.
Music or Theatre Chapel, Residence Life or Commuter Gatherings
Service/Outreach via GEO Mission Prep Meetings
Online Reflection Options: Local Church Attendance, Online Devotions, & SFD Podcasts (Standard Track: Maximum of 5 online options in each category. All other Tracks inquire with SFD)
Other SFD Approved Alternative Chapel Requests 
For more questions please refer to the student handbook or email SFD@Vanguard.edu.

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Spiritual Formation Office

Michael Whitford, University Pastor

Krystal Baca, Associate Pastor

Asenath Casarez, Worship Pastor


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