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About Us


The Office of Residence Life at Vanguard University exists to cultivate a holistic living and educational experience for students through intentional community, developmental programming, and individual student care.


  1. Holistic Care: Creating space for students to understand themselves, take ownership of their impact, and cultivate a meaningful life in Christ.
  2. Community Engagement: Connecting students to campus resources, the community, and each other.
  3. Facility Stewardship: Manage and advocate for the tenants of physical spaces to promote health, connection, and learning.


Student Conduct Process

After receiving notification of a potential violation, the alleged student will be called to arrange a hearing meeting to discuss the potential violations. These meetings are a time for the student to share their side of the story and to take responsibility. In these meetings the goal for the alleged student is not to merely understand what rules were violated, but rather how the violations impacted the community. Together, the hearing officer and the student will discuss potential sanctions or consequences for the violation(s).


At Vanguard, the Student Care Committee (SCC) reviews the notes from the hearing meeting and assigns sanctions. All students may appeal the sanctions if they feel the process was not adequately followed or if the sanctions do not fit the violation (more information on the Appeal Request process here). Once sanctions are completed the case is closed and the student returns to good standing with the University.


According to policy, all Student Conduct records are retained for seven (7) years except for instances of expulsion and suspension which are retained indefinitely.