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Office of Student Development

Student Development exists to shape campus culture, promote community, and foster student success. Discover endless opportunities for student leadership and personal growth through engaging campus activities and a vibrant community. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where every student can flourish. Access resources designed to support your academic journey and promote overall success. Join us in shaping your future and making the most of your time on campus.

A Letter from the Vice President for Student Development

Welcome to Vanguard University. The experiences you have here and connections you make will sharpen you as a person and will clarify God’s calling on your life. At Vanguard, we value the stories of our students and look forward to learning more about you.  

At Vanguard, you will encounter rigorous academic programs, intentional learning opportunities and faculty, administration, and staff who desire to walk life with you. This strong liberal-arts education will help to develop you holistically and help you to become the person God created you to be. We hope you will enter into the full joy of life in community including the many vibrant programs, and ministries available to you this year.   

Thank you in advance for the impact you will make on our community. May we be forever changed by our dynamic community and the spiritual vitality we experience in fellowship with one another. 

Amanda Lebrecht, MA | Vice President for Student Development

Student Leadership

Become a Student Leader

Becoming a student leader on a college campus is a transformative experience that extends far beyond academics. It offers a unique opportunity to develop essential skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. Student leaders are at the forefront of creating a vibrant campus community, fostering inclusivity, and driving positive change.

By taking on leadership roles, students not only enhance their own personal and professional growth but also make a lasting impact on their peers and the institution. This role cultivates a sense of responsibility, empowers individuals to advocate for their passions, and prepares them for future leadership in their careers and communities.


Diane Griffo

Executive Assistant

Megan Sisk, MA

Assistant Director of Student Development Operations

Jessica Van Winkle, MA

Assistant Director of Student Development and Success, Adjunct Faculty

Four-Year Discipleship Plan

A Co-Curricular Development Plan

The Four-Year Discipleship Plan at Vanguard University is an essential co-curricular initiative designed to holistically develop students during their academic journey. This comprehensive program ensures that graduates leave with not only a robust academic foundation but also a deeply enriched personal and spiritual life. Over the span of four years, students engage in a transformative process that encompasses five key competencies: spiritual formation, relational well-being, personal wholeness, vocational discovery and intercultural engagement & justice. 

The Four-Year Discipleship Plan serves as a foundational framework for student development, guiding the design and implementation of programming in key areas such as residential life, campus ministries and leadership development. By aligning activities and initiatives with the plan's five competencies, student development ensures a cohesive and comprehensive approach to fostering personal, spiritual and professional growth among students.

It is our goal to equip students with the skills and knowledge to lead purposeful, impactful lives grounded in their faith and values.



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