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First Year Experience

Whether you are a freshman or a transfer student, college life is an exciting time for building a new community and making a new home. At Vanguard University, our goal is to help you grow spiritually and succeed academically, and help you make lifelong connections.

Vanguard University was founded in 1920 and its campus culture and traditions are rich. For nearly 100 years, a wide variety of events have taken place in campus lifeā€”most of them are Vanguard traditions. Here are just a few of our annual traditions:

Welcome Week

At the start of each academic year, amidst the moving in, registration, orientation, and meet and greets, the student life department makes sure students dive into as much fun as possible before the school year begins.

MR. VUEvery year eight male students compete with their talent and skill to becoming the reigning Mr. VU
all school party All School partyThis bash welcomes students back to campus, kicking off the academic year with a rally, and a party on campus under the Southern California stars

Mock Rock

Mock Rock is a lip sync and dance battle, where each class performs against each other. The costumes, dancing, and set design will be sure to blow you away.

JSBJunior Senior Banquet is a formal event held off campus where the upperclass students enjoy dinner and dance the night away!


Woofest is a showcase, where the males of Huntington Hall perform dances, skits, talents, and singing. Their goal is to honor and show appreciation to the women on campus and make them feel wooed.

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