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International Students

International Students are an asset to our campus for a variety of reasons. While a student is here studying from another country, our desire is to provide a holistic support network to make the transition to the US as smooth as possible.

Admission Process

International students must complete the same admissions process as domestic freshman or transfer students. Additionally, international students must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Affidavit of Financial Support. Submit annual financial certification showing financial sponsorship for duration of planned study. Financial aid, with the exception of institutional talent scholarships, is not available for international students.
  • Deposit. For Fall students, submit a check in US dollars to cover 70% of basic costs of first academic year before the I-20 form is issued. For Spring students, submit a check in US dollars to cover 100% of basic costs of the Spring semester before the I-20 form is issued.
  • TOEFL. International students for whom English is not their native language are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and submit their scores to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. A score of at least 550 on the paper-based test, 213 on the computer-based test, or 80 on the internet-based test, is required for admission to Vanguard University.
  • Transferring. To become eligible for transfer to VU from another American college, approval must be obtained from the previous school attended and the US Immigration and Naturalization Service.
  • Full-time. International students must maintain a minimum of twelve (12) units each semester for undergraduate degrees, and nine (9) units each semester for graduate degrees.

Once you have been admitted to VU, your admissions counselor will request your I-20 from the Institutional Diversity and Inclusion Office and you will need to request its shipment. For options and instructions on shipping methods, please see the I-20 Shipment Options.

Community Support

Adjustment to college life can present additional challenges for international students – the food, the culture, the learning style. Our goal is to make the transition to VU smooth and provide strong support where needed. Throughout the year, international students can anticipate services for:

  • Birthday and Holiday celebrations
  • Processing Groups
  • Individual and Group Mentoring
  • Local families to connect with
  • Moving to VU and basic needs assistance
  • Access to necessary books as requested

International students will also have opportunities to share their home culture with VU students through events and programs regarding international outreach and educational opportunities.

Please email lindsay.dumas@vanguard.edu for more information or would like to get connected on campus.

Shipment Options for I-20 Documents


The Institutional Diversity and Inclusion Office can mail your I-20 and other documents through the following methods:

Regular/standard mail:

Your documents will be sent through regular USPS mail free of charge. There is no tracking or estimated delivery time available. Overseas mail can take 2-6 weeks to arrive. To choose this method, please email the Institutional Diversity and Inclusion office at lindsay.dumas@vanguard.edu to request standard shipping of your I-20. Please include your name and mailing address.

Pre-paid express mail through eShipGlobal:

You can pay to have items shipped to you via express mail through E-Ship Global. You will create an account and pay for your selected shipping method online. This option allows you to track your package and you will receive it faster. To choose this method, create an account on E-Ship Global and request the shipment of your documents (full instructions below).

*Note: eShip Global is the only option available for express shipping. We are unable to accommodate labels made through personal FedEx/courier accounts or send documents through other services.

How to Create an Express Shipping Label

Please complete the following steps to create an express shipping label through E-Ship Global:

  1. Visit the eShipGlobal website (Best with Internet Explorer & Firefox).
  2. Register/create an account. For this you will need:
    • Email address (shipping information will be sent here)
    • Mailing address
    • Phone number (for delivery).
  3. Activate your account. After registering, you will receive an email within 30 minutes prompting you to activate your account. This is required for you to begin using the account. Once the activation process is complete, you will receive a confirmation email.
  4. Create the shipping label. Once your account is active, you must:
    • Select “Receive a Package from Universities,”
    • Select “California” from the map of the United States
    • Select “Vanguard University of Southern Cal”
    • Select “Institutional Diversity and Inclusion”
    • Enter the mailing address where you want to receive your documents (U.S. or foreign), phone number, and email address. A VU ID# is NOT required to submit your request. Please use 123456 if you do not yet have your VU ID.
    • At the end of the screen, select “ship/quote.” You will receive a quote and have the option to choose your carrier – FedEx, UPS, or DHL.
  5. Select your method of payment (i.e. credit card or wire transfer). Please pay close attention to the information submitted on these screens, as errors in the credit card information or submitting incorrect or incomplete address information will result in a delay in the mailing of your documents.
  6. Receive confirmation email from eShipGlobal. The final email you receive from eShipGlobal will be confirmation of your order. This email will provide you with detailed information about your shipment (i.e. payment amount, tracking number, mailing address, etc.). Institutional Diversity and Inclusion will receive a copy of this email at the same time as you, so there is no need to forward us the information unless your DSO requests it.

Track your package. Institutional Diversity and Inclusion will send a confirmation email once your documents are shipped. You will be able to track your documents through the portal within 24-48 hours after your package is sent.

Problems, Issues, and Questions with Setting up Mailing?

If you experience any difficulty in registering and processing the shipment, please use the “Help” link in the site for step-by-step instructions. If you have additional questions about how to use this service, please e-mail support@eshipglobal.com. For all other inquiries related to your immigration, please email lindsay.dumas@vanguard.edu.

Shipping FAQs

I selected regular mail and it’s been a while. When will my documents arrive?

There is no estimated delivery timeframe available for documents shipped through standard airmail. The best general estimate we can provide is 2 to 6 weeks for delivery. If you’d like to change to express mail, we can typically re-print your documents and send via a pre-paid label. Contact Institutional Diversity and Inclusion to inquire if they are able to reprint your documents. If Institutional Diversity and Inclusion can reprint, please follow the process above for creating and express shipping label.

I have a personal FedEx or Courier account. Can I use that for express shipping?

No. The only way we can receive express shipping labels is through the eShipGlobal portal. We will not be able to accommodate personal courier requests or labels created through a private account.


For more information on visas and government regulations for studying in the United States as an International Student, please visit the Department of Homeland Security’s website.