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Diversity and Inclusion

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion serves Vanguard University by providing students with opportunities to increase their awareness of, engagement with, and connection to others, as they pursue justice and reconciliation within and across cultures.


Enrollment Fall 2019

Hispanic 43.07%
White 33.92%
Black or African American 5.19%
Two or More Races 2.35%
Asian 5.62%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander .75%
American Indian or Alaskan Native 0.37%

Intercultural Student Programming exists to provide safe spaces for intercultural engagement, transform minds and hearts that practice inclusive excellence, and empower students to become change agents of compassion, in pursuit of justice and reconciliation.



Vanguard University’s APIC (Asian Pacific Islander Club) seeks to expand knowledge and awareness of Asian and Pacific Islander culture, language, and history through a variety of events and activities. In addition, this club supports Asian & Pacific Islander students with a cultural community that is familiar to their own, and provides a chance for students of different backgrounds to learn about Asian Pacific Island culture. 

Events: APIC Night, Boba Night, Karaoke Night, Dinner and Dialogues

Email: apic@vanguard.edu


BSU Club

Vanguard University’s BSU (Black Student Union) exists to create safe spaces for Black and African-American students on campus.  BSU provides programs that celebrate the beauty of African-American culture, sheds light into the depths of black history and expands knowledge and awareness of Black culture, language, and history.  This club supports Black students with a cultural community that is familiar to their own,in addition to providing a chance for students of different backgrounds to learn about Black culture. BSU is dedicated to supporting and enhancing the college experience of all students.

Events: Black Student Union Dinner, Hip Hop Night, Poetry Showcase, Dinner and Dialogues

Email: bsu@vanguard.edu


El Puente Club

Vanguard University’s El Puente serves Hispanic and Latino students by creating safe spaces to share and embrace their cultural heritage.  El Puente provides programs and events that celebrate and educate on Hispanic and Latino culture, history and current events impacting VU students of Hispanic and Latino descent. 

Events: Hispanic Heritage Block Party, Salsa Night, Cafecito con Pan, Dinner and Dialogues

Email: elpuente@vanguard.edu


MIX Club

The Mix exists to create a sense of belonging for students who identity as multiracial, multicultural and international. The Mix provides programs and events that discuss the unique experience of being a person who represents, embraces and lives within multiple culture dynamics.

Events: Multicultural Friendsgiving, Multicultural Awareness Week, Dinner and Dialogues

Email: ispmulticultural@vanguard.edu


Peacemakers Club

The purpose of Peacemakers is to empower students to be advocates for racial reconciliation and justice. Peacemakers provides programs and events that encourage students to live out Jesus’ call to be peacemakers and ministers of reconciliation at Vanguard University and beyond.

Events: Compassion Retreat, Anti-Racism Awareness Week, Dinner and Dialogues

Email: peacemaking@vanguard.edu


Contact Info

Dellareese Cofield - Martinez 
Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Email: d.cofieldmartinez@vanguard.edu

Dr. Terrelle Sales 
Multicultural Academic Student Specialist
Professor of Education

Email: terrelle.sales@vanguard.edu