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Commuter Kickoff

JULY 25-26, 2017!

Here’s how it works:

  • You must first submit your $400 Enrollment Deposit online in order to participate in this program. Capacity is 30 students and on a first come, first served basis. Priority is given by deposit date. This event is for Freshman commuters.
  • Check in on Tuesday, July 25th at 11:30am to the dorms: get your key, enjoy a welcome lunch and meet 30 of your future classmates
  • Attend the afternoon full of events designed to acclimate you to Vanguard
  • Enjoy an evening of activities: food, games, hanging out, worship, s’mores, and more
  • Sleep over FOR FREE in the dorms: experience how many of your classmates will be living next year
  • Wake up to breakfast in the caf
  • Enjoy a morning of meeting the VPs and ‘big wigs’ of Vanguard & other favorite staff members
  • Check out on Wednesday, July 26 @ 11am.

This is a $75 value for FREE as long as you sign up soon to claim 1 of the 30 spots!

Commuter Lockers

Commuter student can rent a locker in the fall for $25/semester.

Definitely go! You meet people who are in the same predicament as you are in and develop friendships that will truly impact your Vanguard experience!

Class of 2020
Such an amazing bond in so little time.
Class of 2020
I know you are nervous,but this is what college is about trying new things. I myself was extremely nervous about going and almost didn’t, but I would have not got the chance to meet such great people, that have become my friends that I now hang out with EVERY day I’m at school.
Class of 2020