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Commuter Life

Welcome to Vanguard! Commuter Life is here to get you connected and experience everything the Vanguard community has to offer.

Quick Facts

  • 600 Commuters
  • Monthly Events
  • Easily build close relationships with our community
  • A "home" away from home

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Student Testimonials

I enjoy being a commuter I love the community and the effort vanguard puts into to make us feel include.

Freshman Commuter
Class of 2021

So far commuting has been a positive experience. I have been able to get connected with people on campus, which makes being on campus easier. Friendly environment, and plenty of opportunities to get involved if you wish to put in the effort.

Junior Commuter
Class of 2019

Commuting has been a positive experience for me. If i desire to be more active in the community there are opportunities, but if you do not want to be active that is okay too. I think there are plenty of options for the different types of situations commuters might fall under.

Senior Commuter
Class of 2018