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Commuter Life

Welcome to Vanguard University! Commuter Life is here to support you in connecting and experiencing everything the Vanguard University community has to offer.

JULY 23rd - 24th, 2019

Here’s how it works:

  • This event is for all new, incoming 2019 Fall Commuters (first-time freshmen or transfers).
  • You must have already submitted your $400 Enrollment Deposit online in order to participate in this program. If you have not - go to www.vanguard.edu/pay
  • Capacity is 35 students and on a first-come first-served basis. Priority is given by deposit date.

Event Details:

  • Check in Tuesday, July 23th at 11:30am to the residential halls: get your key, enjoy a welcome lunch and meet 35 of your future classmates
  • Afternoon full of events designed to acclimate you to Vanguard University Campus
  • Enjoy an evening of activities: food, games, hanging out, worship, s’mores, and more
  • Sleep over FOR FREE in the residential halls: experience how many of your classmates will be living next year
  • Wake up to breakfast in the cafeteria
  • Connect with faculty, staff, administrators, and learn where everything is on campus!
  • Check out Wednesday, July 24 @ 11am

This is a $75 value FREE as long as you sign up soon to claim 1 of the 35 spots!

Student Highlights

Bradley Brown

Commuter life has helped provide opportunities for me to be involved here at Vanguard. They have done, and do their very best, to make sure that all commuter students feel included and connected here at school.

Bradley Brown, '20

Maranda Idoni

I LOVE being a commuter. I love the community and the effort Vanguard puts in to make us feel included.

Maranda Idoni, '19

Stephanie Bello

Being a commuter during my first year at Vanguard has shown me that Vanguard does truly care about their commuters and does their best to have events during the day when we are on campus. Attending the Summer Commuter Kickoff greatly helped me to feel welcomed to VU and I also met VU Commuters through this event who are now my friends!

Stephanie Bello, '21

Antonio Maldonado

My experience as a commuter at Vanguard has been amazing. I get to involve myself with both commuters and residents who want to connect, which makes college a better experience.

Antonio Maldonado, '19