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Campus Life

Clubs and Activities

Plug in and serve the community in a way that fits you. From the Human Rights Club (Live2Free) to the Surf Club, campus life holds something out there for just about everyone. And if there’s not a club that fits just right—start one up, and we will get you rolling. To get involved, email the assistant director of student programming, or come to The Bridge (1st floor, Huntington Hall).

ABLE - Disability Support Club

ABLE is a club for students to learn about the challenges of living with a disability.

APIC - Asian Pacific Islander Club

APIC celebrates and explores the culture of Asian and Pacific Islander students.

BSU - Black Student Union

BSU is a club for students interested in learning about African American heritage.

VU Chanters

VU Chanters creates a space for students to sing, educate and spread the wonders and traditions of Gregorian Chant.

Dust and Breath x VU

D&B exists to inspire, equip and encourage young men in their holistic discipleship to Jesus.

El Puente - Latin American Club

El Puente exists for students to connect and explore the rich cultural heritage of Latin America.

Kinesiology Club

The Kinesiolgy Club exists for students who are interested in health, both on campus and in the community.

VU Forum - Political and Debate Club

VU Forum is a club for those that are interested in today’s politics and debates.

Lamda Pi Eta

The Communication Department's Honor Society.

VU Leap

A club for those that wish to collaboratively educate students on the importance of our environment and creative strategies to preserve it.

Live2Free - Human Rights Club

Live2Free is a club that promotes advocating for human rights and social justice.

VHOP - Vanguard House of Prayer

VHOP is a club for those interested in praying for our school, our nation, and the nations of the world.


Vanguard's chapter of the American Chemical society (ACS), the world’s largest scientific society and one of the world’s leading sources of authoritative scientific information.

Sigma Alpha Omega

A club where women at Vanguard can come together as sisters and help one another in their walk with god. “one in Christ through Sisterhood.”

Student Veterans Organization

The Student Veterans Organization supports veterans as they transition to the school environment. Through integration with the on-campus population, veterans and traditional students alike partner in serving the community.

Surf Club

Surf Club is a club for students who love to surf and for those who want to learn to surf.

Start A Club

  1. Find something you are interested in. This can be a hobby, social justice issue, culture of interest, national organization, etc.
  2. Find at least 10 other students that may potentially be interested in the club as well – these students do not have to commit to being in the club, but must agree that they are interested.
  3. Find a potential club advisor (read club advisor requirements).
  4. Fill out the Club Application.
  5. The Assistant Director of Student Programming and the Associate Dean of Students will review your application.
  6. Create a Club Charter (View sample charter).
  7. Submit the club charter to the Assistant Director of Student Programming and the Associate Dean of Students for approval.
  8. You will be contacted if your charter is approved, and with information regarding your next steps.
  9. Please note: Clubs can officially begin during the first week of each semester. You can still go through each of the above steps anytime during the school year, but your club will not be able to officially begin until the first week of the semester.

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