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We believe learning happens best in the context of relationship. Our faculty spend countless hours – both inside and outside the classroom to serve as professor-mentors.

Our commitment is to go beyond academics that leads to transformation.

Step 1: Choose A Program

Step 2: Apply

  • The application fee is waived for student veterans.
  • Remember to mark Veteran status on the application.
  • Step 3: Meet with a Counselor

    An Education Counselor will contact you to schedule an appointment. The appointment will include a review of the program, financial aid, completion of an unofficial transcript evaluation, and what to expect in the admission’s process.


    Questions? Email the VA School Certifying Official or call 714.662-5204


    Did you know...Community college veteran students have the option to cross-enroll in Vanguard University’s Professional Studies Programs. Cross-enrolling allows students the opportunity to add General Education courses during gap periods at the Community College to minimize a reduction in BAH pay during these gaps.

    Step 1.

    Know what General Education or Elective courses you need to fulfill Transfer or AA requirements from your Community College. Schedule an appointment with the Academic and/or Veterans Counselor for assistance.

    Step 2.

    Complete the SPS application. The application fee is waived for Community College Veteran Students.

    • On the application, please select Student at Large in the drop down box for ‘Program of Study’.
    • Remember to mark Veteran status on the application.

    Step 3.

    An education counselor will contact you to discuss course availability and schedule an admission’s appointment to enroll.

    The appointment will include a meeting with Vanguard’s certifying official to submit necessary paperwork. Students are responsible for course approval at their community college.

    Step 4.

    Take your approved PS course information to the community college certifying official and request a parent school letter. Your community college should be listed as primary, Vanguard University secondary.

    Submit completed Parent School Letter to Vanguard’s certifying official located at Scott Academic Center Room 222. Phone: 714.668.6690

    CLICK HERE If cross-enrolling from Vanguard University’s traditional undergraduate program to the school for graduate and professional studies.

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