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Remote Learning

Things may feel out-of-control right now. You may be facing a lot of unknowns and disruptions. Try to be patient with yourself, your classmates, and your instructors during this time. Practice good self care. Making a plan and adjusting your studying may help you feel even a little sense of control. Use this resource as a starting point. 

In this guide, we'll talk about:

  • Staying organized
  • Avoiding multitasking
  • Making the most of video lectures
  • Setting a schedule
  • Trading your strategies for new ones
  • Working with a group or team
  • Staying connected to other people

Please remember: this will pass.

If COVID-19 has disrupted your travel plans, ended a lab experiment you were excited about, or for any reason feels like it came at the worst possible time, remember: this is temporary. You will find your way when it settles down. You will get back on track, and things will get back to normal. We don’t know when, but it will happen. Until then, take a deep breath, do your best, get some rest, and wash your hands.

Guide to remote learning

Vanguard University looks must different than it did in early March. Our community has advanced into a new model: remote learning. While that necessitates changes, it won't deter our mission to pursue knowledge, cultivate character, deepen faith, and equip each student for a Spirit-empowered life of Christ-centered leadership and service. It will not break our sense of community.

As the campus adapts to protect the health and safety of all our students, staff and faculty, we know you are experiencing tremendous change. As you grapple with new challenges, please know that you are not alone - resources are available, along with people eager to help, even from afar. We care deeply about your collegiate experience and will ensure that you find success during this transitional time. Below, you will find remote resources that will help you stay connect to Vanguard and aid in your academic and personal success.