2018 Conference Keynote Speakers
Friday Awards Breakfast Keynote

Jeff Baietto, COO & Co-Founder of InJoy Global: The Secrets to Creating Positive Change

Jeff Baietto
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Jeff is a serial entrepreneur who has built successful companies in technology and gaming, health and wellness, and personal and professional development.

Jeff is a visionary with a passion for helping people live the life of their dreams. With a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, and a background in the video game industry, Jeff brings a very unique and potent combination of skills to the corporate culture shaping arena.

Saturday Conference Keynote

Dr. Mitchell (Mitch) Kusy, Why I Don’t Work Here Anymore? Ask My Toxic Workplace!

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Dr. Mitchell (Mitch) Kusy is a 2005 Fulbright Scholar in Organization Development (Ukraine) and professor in the Graduate School of Leadership & Change, Antioch University. A Registered Organization Development Consultant, Mitch has consulted and been a keynote speaker with hundreds of organizations nationally and internationally—helping create work cultures of respectful engagement impacting individual, team, and bottom-line performance.

For the past 25 years, he has consulted in large-scale systems change with a focus on improving organizational culture and long-term return on investment. He previously headed leadership and organization development at American Express Financial Advisors and HealthPartners. Previous to his most recent book, Why I Don't Work Here Anymore: A Leader’s Guide to Offset the Financial and Emotional Costs of Toxic Employees (2017), Mitch co-authored five business books, including The Little Book of Leadership Development(2011), Toxic Workplace (2009), Manager’s Desktop Consultant (2007), Breaking the Code of Silence (2005), and Fast Forward Leadership (1999). His books have been translated into Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese, Polish, and Spanish.

In 1998, he received the Minnesota Organization Development Practitioner of the Year Award. He resides in Minneapolis and Palm Springs, and may be contacted at mitchellkusy@gmail.com or via his website at www.mitchellkusy.com. He can be followed on LinkedIn and Facebook Business.

Toxic Behaviors Diminish Well-Being and Performance:
How to Design Cultures of Civility that Mean Business.

We often refer to them as narcissists, bullies, and clever chameleons. They knock down but kiss up through shaming, manipulating, and belittling behaviors. In this keynote address, Mitch presents cutting-edge research on how these toxic personalities gain a foothold in organizations, as well as what to do about it from three lenses—the individual, the team, and the organization.

In a national research study with over 400 individuals, Mitch and colleague Elizabeth Holloway discovered that toxic personalities are more prevalent than many imagine with a whopping 94% of us having dealt with them in the past five years; 92% rating the severity of their behavior from 7 to 10 on a 10-point scale. We feel the angst they cause to individuals and teams: 87% stating the team climate worsened because of toxic personalities with 51% reporting they were likely to quit as a result. In Mitch’s latest book, Why I Don’t Work Here Anymore: A Leader’s Guide to Offset the Financial and Emotional Costs of Toxic Employees, he presents a heavily researched formula demonstrating how to determine the financial impact of toxic personalities in your organization—typically 4% to 6% of total compensation costs! Sadly, only 6% of victims ever report their uncivil actions to anyone with the authority to do something about it!

Use of intuition in dealing with these Dr. Jekylls and Mr. Hydes often fails. Science—not “winging it”—is on our side and we, as interdisciplinary leaders, need to tap into the scientific data available. During this keynote address, he will present several inventories from his book to assess toxic personalities, toxic protectors, and toxic buffers. He will provide many templates for better detecting toxic people at the recruiting state, more effective identification of toxic bosses earlier, and identifying values-based performance management.

Mitch further addresses the #1 question he has received from thousands of individuals worldwide: How to handle a toxic boss? And the #2 question: How to handle toxic individuals who are organizational “stars”? Stay tuned for what to do and how to help leaders understand and prevent the mass exodus of good folks in their wake.

Mitch concludes this keynote presentation with top talent development strategies that can be easily put into daily practice—with new norms of everyday civility to promote human capital. It takes a village and Mitch shows how to use a systems approach to create cultures of respectful engagement that mean business—successful business! Creating healthy organizations is about designing cultures where personal well-being, team performance, and sustained productivity thrive. And we are key players in making this happen!

Friday Lunch Keynote

Sandy McDonough, J.D., Beyond Compliance: The Letter of the Law and the Spirit of Good Management

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Sandy McDonough., J.D., is recognized in “The Best Lawyers in America” for her work in Employment Law – Management. She is a partner at Paul, Plevin, Sullivan & Connaughton, LLP, and specializes in areas of employment litigation such as harassment, discrimination, wage and hour violations, class action suits and union matters. She has a particular specialty in representing Universities, including The Regents of the University of California, the Trustees of the California State University, Ashford University and National University. Her list of clients also includes Rubio’s Restaurants, the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority and the Union Bank. Ms. McDonough has also taught at USC Law School and Webster University. She is an engaging speaker with a talent for translating her extensive legal expertise into relatable and actionable information for organizational leaders, managers of all levels, human resources professionals, and other audiences.

Sandy’s keynote presentation, Beyond Compliance: The Letter of the Law and the Spirit of Good Management, will focus on how employment legislation aligns with principles of effective management and how law can serve both organizations and employees in supporting organizational health and performance.

Conference Closing Keynote & Panel

Dr. Julie Albright, New Generations, Technology, and the Future of Work

Dr. Julie Albright, New Generations, Technology and the Future of Work
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Dr. Julie Albright is a Sociologist specializing in digital culture and communications. She has a Masters Degree in Social and Systemic Studies from Nova SouthEastern University and a Dual Doctorate in Sociology and Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Southern California. Dr. Albright is currently a Lecturer at USC in the departments of Applied Psychology and Systems Engineering, where she teaches master’s level courses on the Psychology of Interactive Technologies and Sustainable Infrastructure. She was recently appointed to the board of Infrastructure Masons, a professional organization comprised of executives from the top tech firms in the world. She has also been named among the Top Women in Blockchain, and advises several ICOs.

Dr. Albright’s research focuses on the growing intersection of technology and social/behavioral systems: She was the Co-PI and Project Lead for the Behavioral Component of a $121 million Smart Grid Demonstration Project with LA Dept of Water and Power, the USC Information Sciences Institute (ISI), the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) and UCLA, funded by the U.S. Dept. of Energy.

She is a sought-after international keynote speaker for her insights on digital transformation, and has given talks for major data center and energy conferences including SAP for Utilities, IBM Global, Data Center Dynamics and the Dept. of Defense. She has appeared as an expert on national media including the Today Show, CNN, NBC Nightly News, CBS, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, NPR Radio and many others.

Dr. Albright’s forthcoming book on the impacts of our digital devices on society, called - Left to Their Own Devices: How Digital Natives Are Reshaping the American Dream - will be published by Penguin Random House imprint Prometheus Books and released February 2019.