2018 FEATURED Discussion Sessions

Belonging and Thriving at Work: Creating a Culture of Community

Employers may enhance belonging in the workplace by creating community among coworkers. The resulting cohesion provides a sense of “we-ness,” leading to employee identification with the company and motivation to “be there” for others. Workers sense that they and their work matter, granting significance and purpose to their daily endeavors. Individuals may thrive in such an environment, leading to better health, well-being, productivity, and organizational stability, as increased retention and heightened functioning are likely outcomes. This roundtable discussion will focus on creative approaches to fostering belonging across diverse work settings and environments.

Presenter :

Karen (KJ) Hummel, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Vanguard University of Southern California

Women Leaders: Transforming the Workplace

Women are paving a new path in the workplace and setting the course for a 50/50 world by uniting and empowering one another to excel. This session focuses on myth-busting, dream building and action planning for women in the workplace. Participants will define what really matters to them and determine if risks and rewards of various work-life scenarios are in alignment with their values.

Presenter :

Judith Lukomski

Judith is the Founder and Chief Evolution Officer of Transitions Today, a values-based leadership development and culture consultancy. Cross-industry clients range from the Fortune 500 to start-ups and non-profits. She is dedicated to purpose driven solutions which enhance organizational engagement, performance and contribute to corporate social responsibility.

How to Become a 5-Star All-Inclusive Leader

This session is focused on challenges that well-meaning organizations may face when they forget to intentionally integrate understanding of diversity and the diverse world in their plans for development.

Presenter :

Dr.George Winnet
Dr. George Winney

Dr. George Winney grew up in Mexico and in the United States alternatively making him fully bilingual and bicultural. He worked from the bottom up for 25 years in a major international airline holding several operational and administrative positions such as: airport agent, supervisor, instructor, manager, director and eventually reaching the position of corporate vice- president with offices in Mexico City and the United States. He has traveled all over the United States and many other countries dealing with domestic and international business and cross- cultural projects as well. He also worked as a Regional Director for a major international franchise development company in charge of marketing, sales, finances and operations.

Dr. Winney earned in the United States a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Master of Arts and a Master of Divinity degrees from Liberty University and also 2 doctoral degrees from Biola University: a Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies and a Doctor of Ministry degree focused on Strategic Planning; independently from his studies in Business Administration earned in the time he lived in Mexico City. Additionally, he is the Dean of Graduate Theology at Bethesda University in Anaheim and an Adjunct Professor at the Graduate School of Theology of Global University and Northpoint Bible College at the Los Angeles Campus. Dr. Winney is also a Certified Ministry Coach, an active member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, and an Ordained Minister of the Southern California District of the Assemblies of God where he serves as part of the Church Planting Assessment Team and the Organizational Committee. He currently is the Lead Pastor of a vibrant church and a church-plant in the Southern California desert where he lives with his wife and their three children.

Secrecy & Transparency in Ministry Organizations

Is there a healthy balance or transparency and secrecy, specifically in ministry and not-for-profits? This thought-provoking presentation will invite participants to explore dynamics of secrecy and transparency within unique cultures of ministry and not-for-profit organizations.

Presenter :

Dr. Dennis McNutt
Dr. Dennis McNutt
Professor of History and Government (Emeritus)
Vanguard University of Southern California

After graduating from Vanguard University Dr. McNutt pursued doctoral studies at Claremont Graduate University. Upon graduation he was offered a position in the Central Intelligence Agency, which sparked a continuing interest in espionage and other secrecy in international politics.

This grew into an awareness of the role of secrecy in all human interactions. His research interest has been the study of information control in religious organizations—both concealment and openness. In addition to the practical effects of secrecy and transparency he is particularly interested in the justifications for secrecy advanced by leaders of Christian organizations.

Declining a career in the CIA Dr. McNutt returned to Vanguard University, where served for 39 years as professor and Associate Provost. In addition to his academic interests, he is a lifelong photographer, inventor and aspiring musician.

Using Environmental Scans for the Talent Acquisition and Management Process

This project incubator expects to generate applied projects (i.e., student led consulting) and research collaborations. The incubator presenters will highlight different influences (ranging from current public policies and socio-demographics to educational trends and the economy) on today's workforce through the lens of the hiring process (i.e., from job postings to onboarding to talent management and talent succession). Recommendations are given how (1) employers and entrepreneurs as well as (2) employees can optimize the hiring experience.

Presenter :

Sibylle Georgianna, Ph.D.
Stephanie Alvarez, M.A.
Sarah Eggert
Christopher Kupitz

Non-Zero-Sum Career Development

Q & A Session and networking lunch:

Dr. Ludmila Praslova

Dr. Andrew Stenhouse

Judith Lukomski

Judith Lukomski