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Campus Public Safety

Our Services

  • Vehicle registration
  • Parking permits
  • Safety escorts
  • Safety equipment monitoring
  • Bicycle registration
  • Valuable registration
  • Lost and found
  • Crime reporting
  • Parking and traffic enforcement
  • Safety and security patrols
  • Main switchboard operator and various other services.

    We work closely with local law enforcement and fire authority to ensure we have a safe and secure campus.

Quick Reference

  • The speed limit on campus is 15 MPH
  • All vehicles must be parked in a painted parking stall
  • All vehicles must be operational
  • Violations are accumulative and are tracked by Campus Public Safety.

Guest and Event Parking

Vanguard University requires a valid parking permit to be displayed at all times while parking on the Vanguard campus.


If you are an invited guest of the University and parking will be provided to you, please contact the person or department you will be visiting for a permit and parking instructions.

Students who invite family or friends to visit the university or intend to spend the night on campus please visit the Campus Public Safety department for a temporary parking permit.

Displaying a valid parking permit does not guarantee one a place to park. If a parking space is not available in a preferred lot, you must find a valid parking space in another parking lot.

Event Attendees

If you are attending an event on campus, please consult with your event host for parking instructions. You must have a valid permit to park on campus.

Visitor Parking Stalls

Current and former students, alumni, and staff members do not qualify as a visitor and may not park in visitor parking areas. Only visitors to the university may park in visitor parking area displaying a visitor permit.

Newport Mesa Church: Green Designated Parking Stalls

Newport Mesa Church has GREEN designated parking stalls located in Lot D. These stalls are strictly for use by Newport Mesa Church members and staff only. Any Vanguard University students, staff, faculty member or visitor parking in these stalls will be ticketed for parking in designated stalls. Any member of the church or church employee, outside of normal church services or sanctioned church events, will be ticketed for parking on Vanguard University property without a proper permit, as required.

Trained Officers

All Campus Public Safety Officers are trained and certified as Level Three Reserve Peace Officers of the State of California-(P.O.S.T.) Peace Officers Standards and Training as well as the California State Bureau of Consumer Affairs as licensed Security Officers. Many of the officers have many years of experience in law enforcement / security operations.


Our mission is to provide a safe and secure environment for our students, visitors, faculty and staff. Our goal is to reduce or eliminate crime and safety hazards on campus. We do this by partnering with you in upholding all university campus rules, regulations and all applicable laws and ordinances. This partnership allows for a safe and secure atmosphere where students and employees are able to pursue their life’s goals.


Scott Perry

Assistant Director of Campus Safety