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Academic Resource Center

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ARCThe Academic Resource Center (ARC) and fellow departments are committed to academic success and recognize the unique characteristics of each student. We seek to provide an atmosphere of inclusion and understanding that supports student academic growth and personal development. We empower students to remain enrolled and progress in a program of study, to flourish academically, and to prevail to graduation.

What We Offer

We collaborate with academic departments to increase retention and promote student success.

Academic Success Coaching

The Academic Success Coaching program offers a holistic view of student success and academic intervention. The Academic Success Coach is a model for effective organization, time-management, study skills, and executive functioning. ASC’s are also responsible for imparting a feeling of ownership and a sense of agency over one’s academic journey, so that the client is better equipped to navigate their university experience. The Academic Success Coaching program is positioned in a way that can brings all of the components of the Academic Resource Center together in a comprehensive way.

While Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction focus on content-specific obstacles, and how best to navigate them, the Academic Success Coach is there to help the student identify the obstacles in the first place. The role compliments yet differs from their Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction counterparts in that it offers a more wrap-around support system for students focusing on the determination and solutions to academic obstacles.

With questions, please contact the Academic Success Coordinator at 714-966-5452, tutorial@vanguard.edu or visit the Academic Resource Center located in Smith 110.

Supplemental Instruction

Have you heard the phrase, “Supplemental Instruction” (or “SI”) being used and you’re not sure what it is? Have you overheard students discussing topics from classes outside of class time? THAT is the main idea behind Supplemental Instruction. 

SI is a time set aside for students to get together outside of class and discuss the ideas and concepts that faculty present in class. It is facilitated by a student who has previously taken the class and achieved success. During the SI session, the SI leader encourages interaction among students about the topics and concepts that faculty have discussed during class. Using a variety of innovative group study techniques, the SI Leader facilitates conversations about the course subject matter. Attendance is voluntary and anonymous (faculty are not notified about who attends so as not to affect grading).

We have SI available for 21 of our Math and Science courses. Why just those courses? Because SI takes the stigma off students and/or professors and puts it on the traditionally difficult courses, of which math and science courses have been shown to be nationally. What about other subject areas? For now, we are focusing on courses with the highest percentage of students who earn Ds, Fs, or Withdraw from the course (aka, the DFW Rate).with the intention of including other courses in the future.

Grade improvement data from the past five semesters since the program launched reveal that students who attend SI earn from .5 to as much as 2 letter grades higher than students who do not attend, and the DFW rates of students who do not attend SI is at least twice as high as those who do attend. Bringing up students’ GPAs and lower the DFW Rates leads to higher retention and graduation rates!

Tutorial Center

The Tutorial Center offers a unique approach to academic intervention in that they are programs for the students, of the students, and by the students. They are maintained by the Academic Success Coordinator whose leadership and scholarship are well-established in the Vanguard community. Tutoring services are provided by Vanguard students who have mastered their material and have shown exemplary ability to facilitate learning for their peers.

The Strengths of the centers are flexed in the philosophy and operation of them. Students are viewed as one-of-a-kind learners with unique learning styles and individual needs. Center operation embraces the positive aspects of tutorial assistance. Rather than students feeling the stigma of needing academic assistance, they are encouraged to use the tutorial services in order to foster success in a class from the onset.

Two hours of tutoring per week is provided at no cost to the student. With questions, please contact the Academic Success Coordinator at 714-966-5452, tutorial@vanguard.edu or visit the Academic Resource Center located in Smith 110. One-on-one tutoring can be requested by filling out a request form:

Visit us in Smith 114

Fill out a Tutorial Request Form here

Questions? Contact us at tutorial@vanguard.edu.

Writing Center

The Vanguard Writing Center is committed to helping undergraduate and graduate student writers across the curriculum. Students from any major may bring writing projects (from shorter expository essays to longer research papers) to a Writing Center appointment and receive informed, thorough feedback from a peer consultant, with special attention given to the author’s concerns and the parameters of the specific assignment. The Writing Center is committed to assisting students from all disciplines in a collaborative, Christ-centered environment, and we value students’ learning differences and diverse voices. We can help students at any stage of the writing process, including: organizing notes, developing outlines, revising thesis statements, improving organization, or assisting with final editing.

*Please note: The Writing Center is not a proofreading service. Our aim is to develop stronger critical writers.

Visit us in Smith 113

Or book an appointment online here.

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