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Student Research

VU Scholars Day - May 7-16, 2020

A Celebration of Scholarship, Research and Creative Activities

We are excited to announce our annual VU Scholars Day of student research and creative works is now available. To access our virtual symposium, sign up using your Vanguard email and select Vanguard University in the drop down menu.

VU Scholars Day is a celebration of student achievements, and we look forward to having you join us!

If you have any questions/concerns, please contact Dr. Hien Park.

Summer Undergraduate Research Program

Summer Undergraduate Research Program

SURP is Vanguard University’s formal Summer Undergraduate Research Program. SURP is a 9 week summer intensive research immersion experience and provides assistance to faculty and students who are engaged in research, scholarship and creative activity at Vanguard. SURP promotes cross-disciplinary partnerships that engages students, empowers collaboration, and promotes the achievements of all such scholarship.

Based on application quality, GPA, experience, and recommendations from professors, ~16 students will be selected to receive a SURP Fellowship. 


Program Details:

Program Dates: Monday, June 1st - Friday, July 31st, 2020
Hours: approximately 30 hours/week
Application Deadline: Tuesday, March 16, 2020


Student Research Across Campus

Undergraduate Research

Graduate Research


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Hien Park

Associate Professor of Sociology



Michael Hanna

Associate Professor of Psychology


This program is supported in part by grants from: