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Statistical Analysis and Psychological Testing

AmoebaWeb: Statistical Analysis

Applications of Probability and Statistics: Tom Rogers
Box Plot: NetMBA
Choosing a Statistical Test: Harvey Motulsky
Concepts and Applications of Inferential Statistics: Richard Lowry
Descriptive Statistics: William Trochim
Descriptive Statistics Calculator: HyperStat Online
Experimental Design as Variance Control: Chong-ho Yu
Hot Hand in Sports: Alan Reifman
HyperStat Online Textbook
The Idea of a Regression Equation: Stephen Lea
Inferential Statistics: William Trochim
The Little Handbook of Statistical Practice: Gerard Dallal
Multiple Regression: David Lane
A New View of Statistics: Will Hopkins
Nonparametric Statistics: StatSoft, Inc.
Online Statistics Education: David Lane
Probability and Statistics: MathWorld
Psychological Statistics: Mark Plonsky
Sample Error Calculator: DSS Research
Sample Size Calculator: DSS Research
SPSS for Windows Step by Step: Instructor’s Manual
SPSS Resources: Karl Wuensch
Statistical Power Calculator: DSS Research
Statistics Every Writer Should Know: Robert Niles
Statistics Notes: British Medical Journal
Statistics Primer: Christopher Heffner
StatSoft Electronic Textbook
Type I and Type II Errors: Making Mistakes in the Justice System: Tom Rogers
U.S. Census Bureau
VassarStats: Statistical Computations: Richard Lowry
Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics: Kyle Siegrist
Web Statistical Computations: John Pezzullo

Psychological Testing

Buros Institute of Mental Measurements: Test Reviews Online
Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education: AACE
Hands-On Learning in Teaching Psychological Tests: John Suler