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Religion and Psychology

AmoebaWeb: Religion and Psychology

The Absorption Hypothesis: Learning to Hear God in Evangelical Christianity: T.M. Luhrmann
Accepting What Cannot Be Changed: David Myers
American Religion Data Archive (ARDA)
Are We Body and Soul? David Myers
Belief in Divine Intervention: Douglas Degelman and Donna Lynn
Big Ideas in Social Psychology and Religion: David Myers
Buddhism and the True Value of Reality: Thich Tam Thien
Christian Association for Psychological Studies
Clergy Sexual Abuse: Thomas Plante
Cultural Constructs of the God Image and God Concept: Louis Hoffman
Distant Intercessory Prayer: Lynn Munson and Douglas Degelman
Experimental Theology: Richard Beck
Free Will: George Boeree
Functional Origins of Religious Concepts: Pascal Boyer
The Harvard Prayer Experiment: David Myers
A History of Christians in Psychology: Eric Johnson
Homosexuality: The Use of Research in the Church’s Moral Debate: Stanton Jones
The Human Connection: How People Change People: Martin Bolt and David Myers
Integrating Spiritual Healing Approaches and Techniques into Psychotherapy: Robert Sollod
Integration: Fuller Theological Seminary
Integration in the Practice of Christian Counsellors: Behavior, Belief, and Being: Irene Alexander
Is Prayer Clinically Effective?: David Myers
Is There a Place for ‘Scientific’ Studies of Religion?: Robert Wuthnow
Mormonism and Psychology: A Broader Vision for Peace: Michael Nielsen
The Mysterious Matter of Mind: Arthur Custance
Neuroscience and the Soul: Biola University
Notable People in Psychology of Religion: Michael Nielsen
On Professing Psychological Science and Christian Belief: David Myers
Parameters of a Christian Psychology: Robert Roberts
Portraits of Human Nature: Reconciling Neuroscience and Human Anthropology: Warren Brown
Prayer, Faith, and Health: David Myers
The Problem of Mental Causation: Nancey Murphy
Psychological Science and Spiritual Pursuits: David Myers
Psychological Science in a Postmodern Context: Kenneth Gergen
Psychologising About God and Religion: Malcolm Jeeves
Christ, the Lord of Psychology: Eric Johnson
Psychology As Religion: Bobgan
Psychology of Religion: Psych Web
Psychology of Religion in the USA: Michael Nielsen
Psychology of Religion’s Future: Michael Nielsen
Religion’s Role in the Terroristic Attack: Michael Nielsen
Rembrandt and Psychology: Reflections on The Return of the Prodigal Son: Paul Twelker
Research in Psychology and Religion: Michael Nielsen
Science and the Ecclesiastical Homosexuality Debates: Jones
Science and Faith: Arthur Custance
Scientific Psychology and Christian Theism: Harold Delaney and Timothy Goldsmith
Sin and Grace in Christian Counseling: Divided by Sin: Mark McMinn
Social Psychology and Religion on a Trip to Ukraine: Michael Nielsen
Spiritual Disciplines, Spiritual Formation, and the Restoration of the Soul: Dallas Willard
Spirituality and Faith Communities: David Myers
Therapeutic Effects of Intercessory Prayer: Herbert Benson
The Varieties of Religious Experience: William James
Yin and Yang in Psychological Research and Christian Belief: David Myers