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Learning Behavior

AmoebaWeb: Learning and Behavior

Adaptive Behavior and Learning: J.E.R. Staddon
Albert Bandura
Animal Learning Videos: Dale Swartzentruber
An Animal Trainer’s Introduction to Operant and Classical Conditioning: Stacy Braslau-Schneck
Are Theories of Learning Necessary?: B.F. Skinner
Attention and Categorization: Claude Cech
Behavior Modification in the Classroom: Nancy Mather
Behavior OnLine
Behaviorism: The Early Years: Robert Wozniak
Behaviorism Tutorial: Athabasca University
Behaviorism: Skinner and Dennett: Curtis Brown
Behaviorism: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Comparative Psychology and Animal Learning: Jesse Purdy & Michael Domjan
Conditioned Emotional Reactions: John Watson
Distinguishing Methodological from Radical Behaviorism: J. Moore
Emergents and Rational Behaviorism: Duane Rumbaugh
Guidelines for the Housing of Rats in Scientific Institutions: ARRP
How To Toilet Train Your Cat: Karawynn Long
Important Scientists in the Early Development of Comparative Cognition: Robert Cook
Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (Archive)
Learning I: The Acquisition of Knowledge: J.E.R. Staddon
Learning II: The Guidance of Action: J.E.R. Staddon
Learning III: Experimental Analysis: J.E.R. Staddon
Learning & Memory: Björn Brembs
Los Horcones Community
Los Horcones Community: Dick Malott
Methods for Changing Behavior: MHN
The Misbehavior of Organisms: Keller Breland
Negative Reinforcement Examples: Educate Autism
Neurobiology: Understanding the Consequences: Thomas Carew
The Non-Punitive Society: B.F. Skinner
A Notation System for the Description of Behavioral Procedures: Francis Mechner
NRC Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals
Operant Behavior: J.E.R. Staddon
Operant Conditioning: YouTube
Positive Reinforcement: A Self-Instructional Exercise: Athabasca University
Psychology as the Behaviorist Views It: John Watson
Reward and Punishment: J.E.R. Staddon
Schedules of Reinforcement with Skinner: C.B. Ferster
B.F. Skinner: A Brief Survey of Operant Behavior
B.F. Skinner: George Boeree
B.F. Skinner Foundation
B.F. Skinner: Science and Human Behavior
B.F. Skinner: ‘Superstition’ in the Pigeon
B.F. Skinner’s Gutsy Gamble: The World’s First Look at Shaping: Gail Peterson
Stimulus Control and Cognition: J.E.R. Staddon
Systematic Desensitization Procedures: Raymond Richmond
Theories of Learning and Instruction: Greg Kearsley
Therapy, Guide, Hearing, and Service Animals
Thorndike’s Puzzle Boxes and the Origins of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior: Paul Chance
Twin Oaks Community
Understanding Behavior: An Interactive Tutorial: University of Kentucky