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Vanguard University is committed to preparing students through an education marked by academic excellence and spiritual vitality for productive service in a variety of vocations and ministries that are matched to the marketplace of the 21st century. A strong commitment to cultural diversity, racial reconciliation, and gender equality is a consequence of VU being deeply grounded in the Pentecostal faith, a tradition that brought the university into existence. These core values continue to define the university’s institutional vision. Within this Christian context of inclusiveness, the university aims to provide a quality educational experience marked by the pursuit of truth, the cultivation of character, and the desire for service.

In light of these values, Vanguard believes teaching and research are complementary. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to explore the many facets of their disciplines and collaborate with one another on cross-disciplinary projects. Vanguard celebrate's undergraduate research as a dynamic entity that enables students to learn the fundamentals of research and develop the necessary foundation for future scholarship. At a graduate level, budding scholars are encouraged to engage in hands-on research in order to expand their capacities as researchers and benefit their chosen fields. 

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