Invest In Student Success

Student Mentorship Meetings

An important part of educational growth for student success in the real world is making sure students have the career guidance, experience, and mentorship before they enter the workforce. At Vanguard, we create opportunities for alumni to help shape our students’ early experiences through various ways including:

  • Career Mentorship
  • Resume Review and Mock Interviews
  • Roundtable Networking Breakfasts
  • A Semester-Long Discipleship Program

Invest in Future Generations

Roundtable Breakfasts

Roundtable Breakfasts

Join us for a breakfast during the academic year where business professionals have the chance to talk to multiple students about career questions, tips and advice to grow their understanding of how to start their first job. Please contact us for breakfast dates and to register as a professional.

Career Services Meetings

Career Services

  • Career Mentorship: A six-week program where students are paired with a career professional to help guide them through the career exploration process during five structured meetings.
  • Resume Review and Mock Interview: A program that provides a first look at real world interviews for students through a resume review workshop followed by a mock interview with alumni. The program provides a safe place for students to make mistakes and learn from them before they enter the workforce.

Story Shapers

Story Shapers

A semester-long discipleship program where students are mentored by a mature Christian to talk and pray through ways to thrive at Vanguard. The Lord moves in powerful ways during this beautiful exchange of openness, honesty, and willingness to seek Him, wholeheartedly.

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