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Featuring experts in business, leadership and more, the Learn & Lead series is designed to provide our alumni and friends of the university with complimentary professional and personal development tips, tools and teachings.

This exciting new series is more than just webinars. It’s interwoven with“gatherings” where you’ll be able to interact and connect with speakers, community member and alumni. sign up for one or all today!

Upcoming Events

9/16- Meet Vanguard’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Team

Join the Vanguard Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team to hear about Vanguard’s long-standing commitment and ongoing initiatives for ensuring all Lions are cared for.


10/28- Leading Lady Lions: Female Leaders, Business Owners and Champions

Hear from outstanding female alumni in all capacities of leadership as they share their stories, how they’ve succeeded and their best leadership advice.


11/9- Rallying Our Pride: A Vanguard Giving Day Celebration

As we prepare for Vanguard’s second annual, all-University Vanguard Giving Day, hear about the amazing innovations, initiatives and investment being made around campus.  Win prizes, connect with the Vanguard community and learn how you can make a difference!


12/16- A Blue and Gold Christmas

Get in the holiday spirit with a very special Learn & Lead featuring past faculty, staff and alumni of Vanguard in this special celebration of the Christmas season.