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Value, Tuition & Aid

We’ve spent the past century empowering generations of students to follow God’s calling and
change the world.

At Vanguard, you won’t find lavish dining halls or ‘country club’ style gyms. What you will find is a focus on putting tuition dollars toward the things that matter. Like professors who actually enjoy teaching your classes. Like curriculum that is relevant. Like student housing that is so close, you can hit the beach before breakfast. Because, who needs to pay extra money for resort-style living when you are already in the middle of paradise?

How is this possible? Through the incredible foresight of an all-knowing God who brought Vanguard University to Orange County in 1950 – five years before the opening of Disneyland and decades before our beaches and perfect climate would be discovered by the rest of the nation. Thanks to God’s leading and the wise stewardship of University leaders, we are able to continue to carry out our mission, making a Vanguard education financially accessible to thousands of young men and women committed to living Spirt-empowered lives of Christ-centered leadership.

Vanguard University attracts students and alumni who are more likely than their peers to pursue world-changing careers such as social entrepreneurship, pastoral care, mission work, health care services, teaching, etc. Because they can afford to follow their calling.

We want to make it as simple as possible for our students to fund their education. That’s why we work to hard to collect donations, state and federal funds so that 98% of Vanguard students can receive financial aid.

According to the US Department of Education statistics, tuition at Vanguard University costs substantially less than the average for private 4-year colleges in California.

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