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Value, Tuition & Aid

Investing in a Vanguard education includes everything from tuition to other student services expenses—about 97% of Vanguard students receive financial aid. Financial Aid is offered through the FAFSA application and select students may qualify for an affiliate partner discount. Please contact our admissions team to learn more.

Visit Financial Aid for further information.

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Cost versus Price

Net educational expense is what the University spends to educate a student – everything from buildings and utilities, from salaries to classroom technology. It is the total expenditures for the entire Vanguard University experience.

Net tuition is what students are charged for that education – the amount of tuition and fees minus institutional aid. However, it is important to realize that students do not pay the full cost of their education. For public universities, this gap is usually covered by government funding (tax dollars). For private universities such as Vanguard, the cost is subsidized by philanthropy, endowment income and grants.

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