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Vanguard's Integrated STEM Teach Achievement

VISTA is one of many Integrated Education Programs also known as ITEP. Vanguard University wishes to develop comprehensive integrated pathways for Hispanic students to enter the teaching profession and thus increase the diversity of science teachers in the STEM disciplines. Students who wish to enter the teaching field will now have the opportunity to complete their Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, Biology or Math and a Teaching Credential within a 4-year pathway by joining our VISTA program. *CSET may be required pending California Commission on Teaching Credentialing (CTC) approval. 

There is a Teacher Shortage*

24%Hispanic Students are in the public-school system 
7.8% Hispanic teachers are in the workforce
2% Hispanic male teachers in the workforce

*White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics: Latino Teacher Recruitment. (n.d.). Retrieved from U.S. Department of Education. Hispanic Initiative




  • Students majoring in Chemistry, Biology or Math
  • Cumulative of 2.7 GPA or above
  • Program Application
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Interview with Program Personnel 
** Subject to Change **

     Bachelor's Degree + Credential




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Director of Graduate Education, VISTA Activity Lead

Dr. Sylvia Kane

Director of Graduate Education, Chair, Division of Education, Associate Professor of Education

VISTA Program Coordinator

Dianna Smith

Grant Activities Coordinator
Note: The Vanguard VISTA program is not associated to AmeriCorps Vista. 

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