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Institute for Faculty Development

The mission of the Institute for Faculty Development, in alignment with the University’s mission, is to promote a culture of informed, committed, engaged faculty through training, conferences, community building, and other resources. IFD seeks to empower all faculty in their engagement with students, in their work with deans, chairs, and search committees. The Institute also seeks to recruit and retain talented and diverse faculty.

The Institute for Faculty Development is a research based initiative to enhance existing interventions and provide culturally sensitive pedagogical training for faculty and will foster a climate for innovation in teaching and learning in a culturally responsive manner. It was launched by funding through the Department of Education’s strengthening Hispanic Serving Institution’s program (Title V).

Faculty Diversity

Although the demographics of the student body have shifted dramatically since 2008, faculty and staff do not mirror the current student body diversity. Therefore, one of the primary goals of the Institute for Faculty Development is to increase the proportion of minority faculty and staff through intentional hiring practices to establish an infrastructure that is more representative of the student body. This will not only increase the use of culturally sensitive pedagogy, but will also create a university culture that is more receptive to the growing population of underrepresented minority students at Vanguard.


Innovation in learning is especially important with respect to changing demographic student populations. As a result, the institute of faculty development seeks to encourage faculty to engage in relevant research on effective pedagogy that can be applied to faculty development on an individual and institutional level. By encouraging faculty members to present research at key conferences (such as NAME, WASC, HACU, ACCNU, etc), the institute of faculty development ensures that pedagogy will be current and relevant to the Vanguard population.

Culturally Sensitive Pedagogy

One of the primary goals of IFD is to provide faculty with training in pedagogy and advising that is sensitive to the needs of our Hispanic students. This intervention utilizes recent and ongoing research on process guided inquiry and diversity education to develop a comprehensive training for faculty that meets the academic and personal needs of Hispanic and low-income students.

Academic Research and Grants

Finally, IFD seeks to develop, equip, and facilitate research at Vanguard. Research should be promoted at small colleges as part of the institution's mission statement and formal departmental goals. Students, faculty and the institution benefit when a vibrant undergraduate research culture is an important part of the University’s identity. IFD will serve faculty and students by providing access to internal and external resources to support their research and other scholarly activities.

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