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Title V

Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) are designated by the U.S. Department of Education through criteria defined as an institution of higher education that has an enrollment of undergraduate full-time equivalent students that is at least 25% Hispanic. Vanguard University has been meeting this requirement by serving over 1,486 full-time undergraduate students annually of which 54% are of an ethnic and racial background of which 41% identify as Hispanic.

In 2015, Vanguard University received the first individual Title V award (#P031S150199) from the Department of Education in the amount of $2.6M intended to strengthen and enhance the pipeline of Hispanic and low-income students from early engagement to alumni. In 2017, Vanguard received a Cooperative Title V Award (#P031S170149) in the amount of $3.8M intended for the development of comprehensive integrated pathways for Hispanic students to enter the teaching professions in collaboration with Orange Coast Community College (OCC). Through these five-year comprehensive plans (grants) Vanguard University and her institutional partners hope to broaden the scope of impact by expanding educational opportunities for Hispanic and low-income students and comprehensively targeting STEM education and teacher preparation programs.

Spotlight on Commuter Life

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2015 TITLE V AWARD (#P031S150199)

Vanguard Integrated Pathways for Success (VIPS)

Vanguard's Integrated Pathways for Success (VIPS) is a comprehensive program to support retention and degree completion for Hispanic and low-income students through programs by incorporating proven and faulty-driven methodologies. By consolidating disparate efforts across the campus into a cohesive support system this program has created both the infrastructure necessary and the shared vision for degree completion for our students. As the landscape is higher education changes, institutions like Vanguard must be adept in navigating change to provide the best environment for student empowerment and success. Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) like Vanguard are the fastest growing sector of higher education, and enroll over 60% of all Latinx college students. HSI institutions and their faulty play powerful roles in Latinx student retention, graduation, and post-baccalaureate aspirations.

For more information about the overall VIPS support program, please contact the VIPS Activity Director: Amanda Lebrecht.

Amanda Lebrecht

Associate Dean of Student Success

Services offered through the VIPS program

STEM Bridge

Stem Bridge is a grant funded intensive five-week residential academic enrichment and leadership program. STEM Bridge provides the catalyst to jump start the academic journey of participants by earning 4 units in a chemistry lecture and lab course as well as learning how to use state-of-the-art instrumentation. Furthermore, students are exposed to modern research methodology and receive an introduction to student life at Vanguard University. The goal of the program is to bridge the transition from high school to college while preparing students for the academic rigor of a liberal arts education. Incoming fall freshmen majoring in a STEM discipline who have been accepted to Vanguard and have made their deposit are eligible. Priority will be given to individuals who are Cal Grant and/or Pell Grant eligible. Consequently, STEM Bridge is making a significant impact on the success of Vanguard's students of color and those from low socio-economic backgrounds.

For more information regarding the STEM Bridge program, please contact Enrique Rodriguez:

Enrique Rodriguez

Academic Transition Coordinator Bridge

Tutorial Center

At the Tutorial Center, students are viewed as one-of-a-kind learners with unique learning styles and individual needs. Center operation embraces the positive aspects of tutorial assistance, they are encouraged to use services to foster success in a class from the onset. Tutorial services are provided by students who have shown exemplary ability to facilitate learning from their peers. Two hours of tutoring per week is provided at no cost to the student.

The Tutorial Center is a part of the Academic Resource Center (ARC) which is located in Smith 114. To learn more, please go to: https://www.vanguard.edu/resources/academic-resource-center

Please contact Kyle Durham for more information regarding the Tutorial Center.

Kyle Durham

Academic Success Coordinator Tutorial Center

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic assistance program that utilizes peer-assisted study sessions. SI sessions are regularly scheduled, informal review sessions in which students compare notes, discuss readings, develop organizational tools and predict test items. During the sessions, students learn how to integrate course content and study skills while working together.

For more information regarding Supplemental Instruction (SI), please contact Thomas Shirley:

Thomas Shirey

Mr., Adjunct

Senior Launch

For more information regarding the Senior Launch program, please contact Enrique Rodriguez:

Enrique Rodriguez

Academic Transition Coordinator Bridge

Commuter Life

Commuter Life is a comprehensive program supporting students in their overall transition to college by providing social, academic, and spiritual development opportunities. Commuter Life ensures commuter students experience the full college experience by developing co curricular development initiatives to parallel their academic growth.

For more information regarding the Commuter program, please contact Eric Wilson:

Eric Wilson


Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)

Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) is a summer intensive research immersion experience and provides support and assistance to faculty, students and staff who are engaged in research, scholarship and creative activity at Vanguard. Further, participation in SURP with Faculty at an Hispanic Serving Institute (HSI) results in higher self-efficacies and greater student learning outcomes as compared to students who complete this requirement off-campus.

Initiated during Summer 2007 and formally resurrected in 2010 - the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) is essential to the program learning outcomes of many Departments including STEM. SURP not only serves Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry students but also students from Kinesiology, Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, History and Liberal Studies.

If you are interested in participating in SURP, please go to: http://www.vanguard.edu/research/student-research or contact Dr. Hanna:

Michael Hanna

Associate Professor of Psychology


The Institute for Faculty Development (IFD) is led by Dr. Bonni Stachowiak. The mission of the IFD, in alignment with the University’s mission, is to promote a culture of informed, committed, engaged faculty through training, conferences, community building, and other resources. IFD seeks to empower all faculty in their engagement with students, in their work with deans, chairs, and search committees. The Institute also seeks to recruit and retain talented and diverse faculty. Faculty resources are available on the newly launched IFD website: http://www.vanguard.edu/academics/titlev/i...

For more information regarding the IFD program, please contact the Activity Director: Dr. Bonni Stachowiak.

Bonni Stachowiak

Dean of Teaching and Learning and Associate Professor of Business and Management

IFD Resources

Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)

Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) is the premier cross-cultural assessment of intercultural competence that is used by thousands of individuals and organizations to build intercultural competence to achieve international and domestic diversity and inclusion goals and outcomes. The IDI has been demonstrated, through research, to have high predictive validity to both bottom-line cross-cultural outcomes in organizations and intercultural goal accomplishments in education.

For more information regarding the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) resource, please contact Nina Coppersmith:

Nina Coppersmith

Faculty Fellows Program

Faculty Fellows are first nominated by the resident faculty. Faculty may self-nominate for this role. Applications and a letter of reference from either the Department Chair or a Director are to be submitted to the Office of the Provost on behalf of the Institute of Faculty Development (IFD) Committee.

The Faculty Fellow will report to the Director for the Institute of Faculty Development (IFD) and directly leads training seminars and facilitates faculty growth in areas of professional development including but not limited to: technological pedagogy, culturally-sensitive pedagogy, active-learning modalities, implementation of technology and tools within the classroom or through online environments, and guidance on enhancement of student engagement. Appointment of the Faculty Fellow may require an ex-officio appointment to either the Faculty Development Committee of the Technology Planning and Advisory Committee (TPAC), as appropriate. It is expected that the Faculty Fellow will coordinate and present 2-3 training seminars during the semester of appointment (training may be a combination of traditional seminars or online presentations available for dissemination). The Faculty Fellow will develop a resource to be incorporated into the IFD Repository of Faculty Resources. Faculty Fellow are encouraged to engage multiple consistencies including but not limited to adjunct faculty and junior resident faculty.

Faculty Fellows

Faculty Fellow for 2018 - 2019

Dr. Keisha Lee

Keisha Lee

Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Adjunct Professor of Liberal Studies

Dr. Keisha Lee has been a dynamic educator leader for over 30 years with a diverse portfolio of experience in K-12 and higher education settings specializing in Mathematics, Adult Education, and Education Leadership with emphasis in student success, curriculum design, and professional development. Since January 2018, Dr. Lee has served at Vanguard University in several roles with providing services for student success and recently serves as Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Faculty Fellow for Institute of Faculty Development (IFD). Dr. Lee has a passion for empowering STEM educators to deliver relevant, innovative curriculum for 21st century generation learners, mentoring young adults, and inspiring non-traditional adults pursuing professional studies in the STEM and medical fields; Her purpose is to inspire all to realize their passion, define their purpose and reach their destiny.

Faculty Fellow for 2017 - 2018

Dr. Elizabeth Powell

Elizabeth Powell

Associate Professor of Psychology, Department Chair

Dr. Elizabeth Powell is excited to return to Vanguard as a faculty member after having completed her undergraduate education here. After her undergraduate studies, she went on to Azusa Pacific University to complete a Psy.D. in clinical psychology. While there Dr. Powell wrote her dissertation on Christian faith development in college students and worked in various clinical settings including college counseling centers, high schools, and community centers.

After completing her doctorate, Dr. Powell spent a few years teaching as adjunct faculty at Vanguard and supervising doctoral students at Azusa Pacific University. She also worked with Cloud and Fire Ministries in LA providing counseling services to at risk youth. Currently, she keeps a small caseload of clients at Journeys Counseling Ministry in Costa Mesa. Dr. Powell’s passion is helping people discover their purpose in life and exploring ways to use psychological training in ministry.

Outside of Vanguard, Dr. Powell enjoys traveling every chance she gets and exploring new cultures. She resides in Costa Mesa where she loves being close to work.


Vanguard's Integrated STEM Teach Achievement (VISTA)

Vanguard's Graduate Program Director, Dr. Sylvia Kane is the activity Director for Vanguard's Integrated STEM Teach Achievement (VISTA) program. VISTA aims to decrease the number of 6-12 science teaching vacancies by training exceptional educators in Chemistry and Biology. Specifically, the VISTA program is designed to train prospective science teachers and prepare them for a single subject teaching credential within 4 years. Students who are accepted in this fast-paced selective program will complete their respective BS degrees and a teaching credential. Prospective teachers will be more prepared in a shorter amount of time because they will be fully integrating pedagogy with their chosen subject matter or major. Another goal of the VISTA program is to create a more financially viable approach to teacher preparation by not only reducing the cost to degree but also by offering a higher rate of job placement immediately after graduation.

For more information regarding the VISTA program, please contact Dianna Smith:

Dianna Smith

Grant Activities Coordinator

Vanguard's STEM Transfer with Excellence Program (V-STEPs)

For more information regarding the V-STEP support programs, please contact the Activity Director: Amanda Lebrecht.

Amanda Lebrecht

Associate Dean of Student Success

Services offered through the V-STEPs program

Transfer Bridge

Vanguard is known for equipping students for Christ-centered leadership and service. Approximately 17% of Vanguard students transfer from local SoCAL community colleges. College transitions are difficult to navigate and some of the largest gaps in retention across the country are apparent with this population of college students. Therefore, Vanguard is launching a Transfer Bridge program that will provide an intensive, ten-week residential academic enrichment and leadership program designed to bridge the transition from community college to Vanguard University life. It will prepare transfer students for the academic rigor of a liberal arts education in the STEM and other disciplines and foster intellectual, leadership, and spiritual growth. Starting in 2019, Transfer Bridge will serve as the focal point for the V-STEPs Program (Title V funded activity), and will be jointly led by a bilingual/biliterate Bridge Coordinator and a Transfer Coordinator to improve internal processes for students. Key components of the program will include: 1) a discipline-specific and fully supported Introduction to Vanguard with key faculty contribution to orient the student to Vanguard’s policies, cultures and institutional core curriculum; 2) a concomitant, integrative and highly personable Undergraduate Research Experience during the Transfer Bridge Program; 3) a fully-staffed Student Success and Tutorial Center serving as the hub of the college’s academic support activities that will provide supplemental instruction; 4) centralized advising catered to this specific population that uniquely equips students with networking connections to their respective career paths; and 5) collaborative community and family outreach activities targeted to developing academic preparedness students.

For more information regarding the Transfer Bridge program, please contact Enrique Rodriguez:

Enrique Rodriguez

Academic Transition Coordinator Bridge

Academic Success Coaches

Academic Success Coaches are undergraduate students committed to helping other students articulate, monitor and achieve their academic goals. Coaches are trained to help students manage their workload and extracurricular activities; implement effective study strategies; manage their procrastination and test/academic performance anxiety; identify and interact with appropriate college resources; identify the barriers to students' academic success and assist students in creating realistic and achievable action plans for overcoming those challenges.

For more information regarding Academic Success Coaches, please contact Amanda Lebrecht:

Amanda Lebrecht

Associate Dean of Student Success

Transfer Pathways (ADT)

For more information regarding the Transfer Pathways (ADT) program, please contact Dr. Tara Sirvent:

Tara Sirvent

Associate Dean of Natural, Physical and Health Sciences; Director of Research and Sponsored Programs

Orange Coast College (OCC) Collaboration

Vanguard University has partnered with Orange Coast College (OCC) Math, Science and Community Education divisions to provide the StarKids summer camp program. These camps aim to give middle-school students the opportunity to learn about science within a college environment while encouraging them to pursue these fields in their future education and career endeavors. The camps are free of charge to all students and are facilitated by the OCC Science Faulty. A few demonstrations include: LEGO engineering, strategic chess playing and many other science lessons that allow students to build and create engaging projects teaching them about the world they live in.

For more information regarding the StarKids STEM summer camps, please contact Scott Mitchell at smitchell46@occ.cccd.edu

Intensive Pedagogical and Research Experience Program (iPREP)

Intensive Pedagogical and Research Experience Program (iPREP) will be a new postdoctoral training program for recent PhD recipients aspiring to STEM post-secondary education.

For more information regarding the iPREP program, please contact the Activity Director: Dr. Tara Sirvent.

Tara Sirvent

Associate Dean of Natural, Physical and Health Sciences; Director of Research and Sponsored Programs


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Associate Dean of Natural, Physical and Health Sciences; Director of Research and Sponsored Programs

Sylvia Kane

Director of Graduate Education, Chair, Division of Education, Associate Professor of Education

Amanda Lebrecht

Associate Dean of Student Success

Bonni Stachowiak

Dean of Teaching and Learning and Associate Professor of Business and Management

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