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College Credit Connection & Teacher Advancement Program Transcripts

College Credit Connection (CCC)/Teacher Advancement Program (TAP) Transcript

All transcript requests are $8 per copy with payment due at the time the request is made.
Allow up to 5 working days for processing of paper transcripts.

Electronic transcripts are generally processed within 24 hours upon the request being made.

All paper transcripts - including rush processing - are mailed via standard USPS delivery.
  • Rush Orders are only needed if requesting a paper transcript and will be processed within 24 hours, Monday - Thursday (excluding holidays). Rush orders placed any time after 1pm on Friday may take up to 2 business days to process. Rush Orders are mailed via standard USPS delivery.

Transcripts will not be issued to, or on behalf of, any learner whose CCC account is not paid in full.

Official transcripts will be available within 4 weeks following course completion. Once the learner has received an unofficial transcript from Vanguard University (NOT the course completion email from the CCC instructor), the Registrar's Office will then be able to provide the learner with the most up to date official transcript.

Grade Report

A Grade Report will be issued to the learner within approximately 2 weeks of
satisfactorily completing the course. CCC follows the policy of issuing a Grade Report in an attempt to speed up the process for teachers. Some districts accept a Grade Report temporarily in lieu of a formal transcript. Students should check the policy of their specific school district.


A notification for each course completed will be emailed to students by
Vanguard University at the email address designated on their Registration form.
  • Students who currently owe tuition funds to Vanguard University and/or CCC will have a hold placed upon their transcripts until their account is settled. There may be additional processing time for students who manually pay their tuition.
  • Students may request an Official Transcript through the Registrar's Office at Vanguard University of Southern California. There is a fee of $8.00 per transcript copy. A student's course grade may take 2-4 weeks to be received by Vanguard University's system following the completion of the course. Once the student has received their unofficial transcript from the TAP office at Vanguard University, the Registrar's Office will then be able to provide the student with their most up to date official transcript. If a RUSH transcript request is received, the student will be charged the additional RUSH processing fee of $25 even if no grade is on file and the student has indicated to hold for that grade. The Registrar's Office may have to wait to mail out the transcript until the grade has been received, which may take more than 24 hours.
  • A student who selects RUSH processing after their unofficial transcript is received will have their official transcript mailed out within 24 hours.
PLEASE NOTE: On the request page it will ask you to log in with your
email and password. This is NOT the same as your CCC log in info, please create
a new account and proceed from there.

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