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College Credit Connection & Teacher Advancement Program Transcripts

Please read the message below in its entirety before ordering transcripts:

If you order your transcripts without reading the following, they may be blank OR your latest course grades may not appear on your transcript. Vanguard University will not issue you a reprint for free. You will have to reorder them from Parchment if you ordered the transcripts before your grades are posted.

Official transcripts will be available approximately 2 weeks following course completion. Once the student has received a notification email with unofficial transcripts from the TAP Office at Vanguard University and the course completion email/grade report from the CCC instructor, the Registrar's Office will then be able to provide the student with the most up-to-date official transcript. The email will be sent to students by the email address that has been provided on the Registration form.

Electronic transcripts are $8 per transcript. Paper transcripts are $10 per transcript and are mailed using USPS.

Steps for ordering transcripts:

  1. You will receive two separate emails regarding your grades. One is from CCC with your grade report and the second is from the TAP Office with a copy of your unofficial transcripts.
  2. After receiving the email from the TAP Office with your unofficial transcripts, click on “Order Your Official Transcripts Here”
  3. If you have an existing account with Parchment for transcript ordering, please refer to section a. below. If you are a new user, please refer to section b. below.
    a. Please sign in using your user credentials found under “Returning Users”
    b. Please click “Create Account” and complete the new user prompt
  4. If sending to an Institution, look for your recipient in the Search field. If it doesn’t render a match, click on the link under the Search field to “Send to Yourself, Another individual, or Third Party”
  5. Complete the order process

How to Create an Account