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Printing, Copying, & Scanning

Printers, photocopier, and scanner are available throughout the library for faculty, staff, students, and guests.

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General Printing Information

There are two printers at the library. One is a print kiosk located by the hex table computers. The second printer is located in the computer lab.

Each semester, students are allotted $11.00 to their printing account. It costs 8 cents to print in black and white. To check your printing funds account, go to print.vanguard.edu. Need to add more money to your account? Print fund cards can be purchased at the circulation desk for the following amounts:

  • $2.00
  • $5.00

To add funds to your print account with a print card:

  1. Log on to a computer using your Vanguard username and password
  2. Open up a web browser (Chrome or Firefox) and go to print.vanguard.edu
  3. Log in to this area with your Vanguard username and password
  4. Click on the “redeem card” tab on the left of the page
  5. Type in the print fund card number, including the dashes
  6. Continue to print

The IT building has a color print kiosk for 20 cents per page.

How to Use Print Station Kiosks & Print from Your Laptop

  1. Open a web browser and to go print.vanguard.edu
  2. Enter your username and password
  3. On the left window panel click on Web Print
  4. Click Submit a Job
  5. Select a location where you would like to print to
  6. After selection, click Print Options and Account Selection
  7. Enter the number of copies you need
  8. Click Upload Document
  9. Click browse and select the document you would like to print (NOTE: Review the list of supported document and file types.)
  10. Click Upload & Complete
  11. Once your document is uploaded it will be held in a print queue and NOT printed automatically
  12. Proceed to physical location of the Print Station Kiosk that you selected
  13. Once at the location you have two options: A. Release the document wirelessly, B. Release the document by logging in to the kiosk

Option A:

  1. Log back in to print.vanguard.edu same as directed in steps 1 and 2
  2. Select in the left panel Jobs Pending Release
  3. Review all of your queued documents and either select Release All for all documents or select Print to release one document. If you choose to cancel your document, you will not be charged.

Option B:

  1. On the Print Station Kiosk, log in with your username and password
  2. On the right, lick Print or Cancel of your document
  3. Click Done at the bottom when finished

Please contact the IT Help Desk for any other questions: 714-619-6500 or helpdesk@vanguard.edu.


A photocopier is located by the hex table computers.

It costs 10 cents for black and white photocopies. No color photocopy machines are available at the library.


The scanner is located near the stairs by the computers. There is no charge to use the scanner.

How to Scan and Save

  1. To scan, place the document face up on the scanner bed
  2. Touch the Scan button on the screen
  3. Answer the copyright question
  4. Scans can be formatted in the modify tab
  5. Done scanning? There are three ways you can save the file: A. Save to USB, B. Save to Google Drive account, or C. Save to tablet or smart phone

Save to USB

  1. Plug USB in the port at the bottom right front side of the scanner
  2. Touch Save Images to USB Drive
  3. Select one of the following after file is saved: Continue Scanning, Continue Outputting, or End Session

Save to Google Drive

  1. Select save to Cloud Storage
  2. Input Gmail Username and Password. If using vanguard account, include @vanguard.edu at the end of your username
  3. Select one of the following after file is saved: Continue Scanning, Continue Outputting, or End Session

Save to Table or Smart Phone

  1. Select More Options at the top right hand corner of the Save box
  2. Place device near the scanner
  3. Follow directions on the screen
  4. Select one of the following after file is saved: Continue Scanning, Continue Outputting, or End Session