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Group Study Rooms


There are three study rooms available. You must sign up to use the room. If you are not signed up for a room, library staff may ask you to vacate if someone has reserved the room for the allotted time.

Rooms 1-3 are located on the second floor at the back end of the library. All three have monitors for group projects. In order to use a monitor, you must check out the control at the circulation desk. You can also write on the glass panel with whiteboard markers.

The study rooms are not sound proof, so please be mindful of fellow students studying and use your “inside” voices.

Library Study Room #3

Study room # 3

The reservation book is located at the circulation desk. Rooms may be reserved for up to two hour intervals, and any date and time can be reserved ahead of time.

If you are more than five minutes late, library staff has the right to give the room to another study group.

At the time of your reserved time slot, please take the completed reservation slip and place outside the designated study room “holder”.