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The Vanguard University Archives includes the following collections:

  • university publications
  • newspapers
  • yearbooks
  • chapel tapes (chapel recordings from 8/26/2014 – present available on YouTube)
  • photographs
  • historical music scores of Ralph Carmichael
  • Christian radio collection

All of the collections are not listed. The collections are always growing so visit often! Please contact archivist Pam Crenshaw for more information.

Access & Use

  • No food and drinks are allowed near the archival material.
  • Maintain the order of the folders in the boxes.
  • It is the responsibility of the patron to carefully handle the items. Please do not write on, erase, or reorganize the material.
  • Please ask before reproducing (scanning, photographing, photocopying, etc…) the materials.
  • Permission is required from the Archivist and the University if you are planning on publishing any of the archival material.

Digital Collections

O. Cope Budge Library (Vanguard University) Digital Collections provides access to digital materials documenting Vanguard University’s rich history and culture.

Below you will find a link along with a brief description of the collection:

Vanguard University of Southern California Campus Buildings

Campus Buildings: The Vanguard University Campus Buildings collection includes images that chronicle the history of the institution from its first campus in Highland Park to its current location in Costa Mesa. Vanguard University first opened in 1920 as Southern California Bible School (SCBS). The first SCBS campus on Echo Street in Highland Park (Los Angeles) was actually a fifteen room home donated by a wealthy New York widow. Enrollment grew rapidly and the Echo Street campus, which was used for seven years, could no longer comfortably facilitate the school. In 1927, SCBS moved to the Avenue 64 campus in Pasadena. The new campus was spacious with plenty of classrooms and 95 dorm rooms. In 1939, SCBS became Southern California Bible College (SCBC) after it was given approval to grant degrees. The school experienced tremendous growth, and, on September 11, 1950, SCBC moved to its current location in Costa Mesa. In the following years, the school changed its name two more times to Southern California College (SCC) and to Vanguard University of Southern California.

Vanguard University of Southern California Newspapers

Vanguard University of Southern California Newspapers: Started in 1948, the Vanguard University student newspaper published the various goings-on of Vanguard students. The student government would eventually change the title twelve times: Apocalypse, The Clock, The Vanguard Clock, The Vanguard Clarion, Clarion, New Wine Press, Vox Populi, Forward Magazine, Vanguard Tribune, SCC Times, The Vanguard Voice, and, to the current title, The Voice, which can be viewed online here.

Vanguard University of Southern California Publications

Vanguard University of Southern California Publications: Vanguard University of Southern California Publications is a compilation of various printed material by and/or about Vanguard University. Content ranges from books chronicling the history of the university to student publications. This is a growing collection. Visit often, explore, and enjoy.

Vanguard University of Southern California Presidents & Board Members

Vanguard University of Southern California Presidents and Board Members is a collection of images documenting the various individuals who have helped shape the university.

Vanguard University of Southern California Magazines

The Vanguard magazines initially began as a presidential newsletter in the mid-1940s. The newsletter eventually evolved into the Vanguard Spirit Magazine in the 1970s. Since then, the magazine title has changed multiple times and is currently known as Vanguard. Issues from 2010 to present can be found here.