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O Cope Budge LibraryThe O. Cope Budge Library acquires, manages, and promotes the use of information resources in a user-centered environment. The library links students, faculty, and staff to an increasingly global body of knowledge. The library faculty teach critical thinking skills in the research process, and promote the ethical use and evaluation of information resources. The library faculty and staff promote personal enrichment, foster multicultural appreciation, and encourage lifelong learning. Through its personnel, resources, and services, the library supports the student learning outcomes, goals, and curriculum of Vanguard University.


Although the school opened in 1920, the Vanguard University library did not have a professional librarian until Keith Lee was hired in 1960. Prior to Lee’s appointment, Willyla Bushnell served as the librarian. Three years later in 1963, the library moved from a military barracks to its current location. During Dr. O Cope Budge’s tenure from 1959-1976, the school experienced growth with the addition of four new buildings—science, gymnasium, men’s residence tower and the library. This expansion program was part of the “Decade of Progress”. The library was eventually named O. Cope Budge Library in honor of everything Dr. Budge had done for Vanguard. In 1985 the library was expanded and doubled in size. In 2012, the library experienced a partial remodel adding three additional study rooms and a periodical room.

Historical images of the library along with a copy of A Vine of His Own Planting (a book documenting the first 80 years of Vanguard University) can be found on our digital collections page.

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