Coming home from studying abroad for any amount of time can be an adjustment. There are so many emotions the you may go through as you process not only your experience away, but also how to adjust back to “normal” life, and even more difficult, how to share what you experienced and how you have changed with others. Vanguard University wants to walk with you through it all — and sometimes it’s a bit messy.

Here are a few suggested items we suggest you participate in:

  • Adjustment & Integration: Our office does our best to connect with you within a few days of you returning home. We will offer some suggestions to continue processing in and ways to ease the transition back home. The semester you return to campus, VU will hold a debrief meeting that you are encouraged to participate in. Depending on the time of year you were studying abroad, you could have up to a nine month period of being off campus. The transition back to campus life and lecture styles can sometimes be challenging.
  • Lessons from Abroad: This is a one day conference that is put on as a collaboration of several Southern California schools. During the day, you’ll be able to attend sessions that cover topics such as transitioning home, how to include your experience on your resume, and how to leverage studying abroad in interviews for internships and jobs. Although optional, the registration fee is covered within the application fee – so it’s already paid for.
  • Unpacked Parties: Each semester, our office will host Unpacked Parties which offer you an opportunity to share where you went, what you experienced and how the time impacted your education and faith. A casual event, students love hearing from their peers and it is a great way to encourage your friends to go!
  • Peer Ambassadors: Additionally, in this debrief, you'll get a chance to connect with other Vanguard students that just went through a similar experience. Upon returning, you will have the opportunity to help future study abroad participants by promoting and recruiting for your program and helping their processing and adjustment back to Vanguard's campus.