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Before You Go

There is a lot to do before you go. We've tried to break it down into a list compiled by our staff and students who have experience traveling abroad. All VU programs have comprehensive pre-departure training, some of which is highlighted below.

Please note any costs associated with some of these items and add it to your budget.

While You're Abroad

Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity that is to be fully enjoyed. With that, it’s important to remember you are in a different city or country and being aware of your surroundings is essential for your own safety & security.

Returning Home and Moving Forward

Coming home from studying abroad for any amount of time can be an adjustment. There are so many emotions the you may go through as you process not only your experience away, but also how to adjust back to “normal” life, and even more difficult, how to share what you experienced and how you have changed with others. Vanguard University wants to walk with you through it all — and sometimes it’s a bit messy.

Parent Connection


Parents and family members play a vital role in a student choosing to study abroad. From program length to city or country choice, there is a lot that not only impacts the student and their educational experience, but the family unit as a whole. With that, we want to provide some information to commonly asked questions we receive from parents.

Study Abroad Programs

Interested in studying abroad?

Visit our page on the Student Portal for more information on available programs, steps to apply, financial resources, and more!