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VU Italia

VU Italia

VU Italia is a study abroad program, run through Vanguard University. Over four weeks, students will visit three cities – Florence, Venice, Rome – all while learning both in the classroom and cultural settings. Each year, several departments collaborate to provide students with a rich study abroad experience. VU Italia departs mid-May and returns mid-June, with students completing up to 9 units for academic credit.

While ministry, language acquisition, spiritual growth, and other natural by-products might follow, the focus is to deliver a Vanguard quality education while residing and studying in central Italy. Assignments, readings, presentations, papers, and regularly scheduled classes will compose a traditional Spring semester, but modified for a more experiential learning and “hands on” approach afforded by the travel component. The courses will include directed study at museums, churches, cathedrals, businesses, and other venues of historical and cultural significance, and will be interdisciplinary in nature. VU Italia is open to all VU students in good standing, with preference to those in the Junior and Senior classes.

Dates & Details for VU Italia 2017:

  • Trip Dates: May 9 – June 9
  • Cost: $4500 travel (tuition additional)
  • 9 Units:
    • Christian Heritage (3 Units)
    • History and Appreciation of Art (3 Units)
    • Dynamics of Cross-Cultural Interaction (3 Unit)
  • Info Meetings (REQUIRED):
    • October 18, 6pm, Smith 101
    • October 20, 7pm, Heath 109
    • October 24, 10am, Smith 101
    • October 26, 7pm, Heath 109
  • Applications will be available at above info meetings. Must attend a meeting to apply.

From Students

“I was profoundly impacted by the culture and experiences that were offered to me in this country. I feel more connected to my faith because I have ventured out into Italy. There truly is a larger world than we realize and going through it, I would sign up all over again.”

“Coming on the VU Italia trips is probably the best decision I’ve made while at Vanguard. I learned so much about myself and about the Italian and American cultures, as well as meeting some awesome people.”

“This trip impacted me in several ways. I learned a lot about the history of my faith as well as differences in the denominations of my faith and this impacted my walk with God greatly. I realized that there is so much more to my faith and I can learn a lot from others who are different from me. Visiting the basilicas and several places that were so rich with God’s presence was amazing. The trip also impacted my independence. Traveling on the subways, trains, and busses for a month in a foreign country was a great experience that I think everyone should get the chance to do. It made me think outside my comfort zone. If I got lost, I was forced to find my way back and it gave me some traveling skills that I find very helpful for the future.”