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Cost & Funding

Studying abroad is an investment. Depending on the program and location, the cost can be less or more than an average semester at Vanguard. The GEO office is committed to helping you, including finding alternative funding methods. As a part of the process, GEO staff will walk you through the detailed budget so you know exactly how much the program will cost. See below for more information on scholarship and finanancial aid options.


Costs for studying abroad vary based on location, program, length and a variety of other factors. To help determine a more accurate total cost for the program you may be considering, we've developed a budgeting worksheet that can serve as a guide.


Financial Aid

Finances can appear to be a major obstacle when studying abroad, however, most of the time, a semester abroad can cost the same amount or even less than a semester on campus.

Institutional aid (scholarships, grants) is not available for study abroad programs. Federal and state financial aid can only be received for study abroad programs approved by the US Department of Education to participate in Federal Student Aid (FSA) Programs.  There are, however, many external study abroad specific scholarships you can apply for to supplement the institutional aid that is not eligible to transfer.  Check out a list of these below!

The types of aid you can and cannot use to assist with study abroad tuition are listed below. For more information about study abroad, contact Global Education & Outreach.


Type of Aid
Use for Study Abroad?
Federal Pell Grant Yes
Federal SEOG No
Cal Grant A/B Yes
Vanguard Academic Scholarships No
Vanguard Need Grant or Vanguard Grant No
Athletic, Music, or Musical Theatre Scholarships No
Assemblies of God Scholarships or Church Grants No
Any Vanguard Scholarships or Grants No
Direct Loan Yes
PLUS/Private Loans Yes
Federal Work Study/Vanguard Work No
Tuition Remission/Exchange No
External Study Abroad Scholarships


For further details about your specific financial aid situation, we advise you to speak with the Financial Aid Office.


There are several scholarships that are available to students desiring to study abroad, a few of which are listed below. In addition, check with your program to see if there are any internal scholarships for merit or need available.