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Global Outreach

Global Outreach

Jesus was clear that we are called to go to the ends of the earth in order to share the good news of the Kingdom of God. At Vanguard, we have several outreach efforts each year that focus on doing just this. Our hope is that as you feel called to go, we can support you to step out in faith and watch the Lord work in and through you in unexpected ways. We have various levels of global outreach ranging from short one-week trips to spending a summer or even a whole year serving alongside missionaries and organizations around the world. Please note: All costs and dates are estimates. Upon completion of teams and airfares, costs and dates will be finalized.

Winter Break 2017

Houston, Texas ::

This team will be doing clean up and restorative projects for those who faced the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Working in partnership with the Convoy of Hope and local churches, Vanguard will be assisting in a variety of projects.
Dates: December 9-19
Cost: $1,500

Spring Break 2018

Hands Across The Border (HATB) ::

Serve with Las Tres Palmas in Ensenada, Mexico. There, our students are put into various teams focusing on children, women, construction and others to serve a local shelter that cares for moms and their children. The trip also includes serving and leading worship at local church services.
Dates: March 10-17
Cost: $600

Anaheim – Voice of the Refugees ::

In the heart of Anaheim is what is referred to as “Little Arabia.” This trip will be working directly with refugees that have arrived in Orange County after fleeing from their homes, predominantly from the Middle East. During this time, our students will participate in tutoring, ESL classes, youth ministry, and a variety of other tangible acts of service. In addition, this team will be taking local trips to explore and dive into Islamic culture and religion to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding that ultimately will lead to new relationships and opportunities of sharing the gospel.
Dates: March 11-15
Cost: $350

Summer Break 2018

Arkansas ::

This team will be working with COMPACT Family Services in Hot Spring, Arkansas. Focusing on foster care for youth, teens and young adults, this team will be putting their skills and passions to meet practical needs. The facility houses several dozen children and youth as well as pregnant teens.
Dates: May 18-26
Cost: $1,600

Costa Rica ::

This summer intensive will be a 3-unit course through the Religion Department. In partnership with AGWM and our Missionary in Residence for the 2017/18 academic year, students will be able to tie classroom education to tangible ministry opportunities working with at risk youth and community development efforts.
Dates: May 6-27
Cost: TBD

Ecuador ::

This summer intensive program is geared toward Psychology majors/minors. Students will have a combination of classroom education with practicum in local schools, orphanages, clinics, etc. Students will also be spending time in homestays with local families and also a few days in the Amazon Jungle.
Psychology: May 19-June 23, $4,700 (plus cost of tuition), 9-units

Greece ::

This co-curricular trip will merge hands on ministry with classroom education in Athens, Greece. Students will be enrolled in a 3-unit special topics course that examines human trafficking in a cross-cultural context, with an emphasis in the refugee population. This group will be working with various organizations including the Salvation Army, Bridges, and AGWM. In addition, students will be able to explore Biblical sights such as the Agora and the ancient city of Corinth.
Dates: June 8-24
Cost: $3,500 (plus cost of tuition)

Houston, Texas ::

This team will be doing clean up and restorative projects for those who faced the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Working in partnership with the Convoy of Hope and local churches, Vanguard will be assisting in a variety of projects.
Dates: June 3-17
Cost: $1,500

India ::

In partnership with the Assemblies of God and a national church, this outreach team will be directly working with school sites in the remote slums of New Delhi. There are over 3,000 students enrolled in addition to a girls home for girls rescued from the streets and slums of New Delhi.
Dates: May 10-23
Cost: $3,000

Indonesia ::

This group will be working with Mission One Eleven, spending five weeks with an unreached people group tribe in Indonesia. Students will be learning how to communicate in a story-telling format and how to interact with people groups that have no written language.
Dates: May 12-June 16
Cost: $2,500 (without airfare)

Israel ::

Through the Center for Holy Land Studies, students are able to earn 3-units while walking where Jesus lived, ministered, was crucified and resurrected. Over three weeks, students will be in an intense study program that will allow for Biblical knowledge to meet real sites, geography, culture and history. Can do in conjunction with the Life of Paul trip to Italy, Turkey, Greece.
Dates: May 19 - June 7
Cost: $4,500

Italy, Turkey, Greece ::

Through the Center for Holy Land studies, students are able to earn 3-units as they study the life and ministry of Paul through Italy, Turkey and Greece. Can do in conjunction with the Holy Land trip to Israel.
Dates: June 8-26
Cost: $6,000

Malaysia ::

This study intensive is for a limited number of students in the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP). Students will be enrolled in a 3-unit course on applied research and serving with a local church and focusing on refugees.
Dates: June 15-29
Cost: $2,000

New Zealand and Australia ::

The Business Department will be leading a student intensive to Auckland, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia. The students will be enrolled in one 3-unit course focused on international business, policy, and strategy.
Dates: May 6-19
Cost: $3,500 (plus cost of airfare and tuition)

Peru ::

This outreach trip will be partnering with Vanguard alums and AGWM. While there, students will be in a Spanish immersion context, ministering to children, youth and families.
Dates: July 5-18
Cost: $3,000

Portugal ::

On this outreach trip, the team will be partnering with the local church and AGWM to build up those in the local church. Through worship ministry, kids programming, practical trainings in church ministry practices and other means, the team will be able to educate and empower those in the local church.
Dates: June 18-July 2
Cost: $2,500

Philippines ::

This outreach team will be working with AGWM and the Davao Dream Center. Working among the poor and unreached middle eastern religions, this team will be primarily focused on relationship building, outreach events, village ministry and partnering with local school campuses.
Dates: June 10-25
Cost: $2,500

Tanzania ::

Our VU Athletic Department will be taking a group of student athletes to partner with Global-Effect in Moshi, Tanzania. While here, students will be participating in prayer ministry, sport clinics, summer camp assistance and school outreach opportunities.
Dates: TBD
Cost: $3,500

Vietnam ::

In partnership with AGWM, this outreach team will be working in some of the lower income communities in Vietnam. Focusing on ministry to kids and youth as well as ESL classes and conversational English practice, this team will be building valuable personal relationships with locals.
Dates: TBD
Cost: TBD

Summer of Service (S.O.S.)

Interested in serving longer than a short term trip? Global Outreach challenges students to take part in more than the traditional 2-3 week trip through our Summer of Service (SOS) program. If you desire to serve the Lord for 1-3 months over the summer, we encourage you to come talk to us and see where God may lead you. Some of the locations students have done SOS in include Thailand, Tanzania, Kenya, Philippines, Uganda, India, Asia and more.

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