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Summer of Service

Summer of Service (SOS) is designed for those students who want to take the next level in engaging with people groups and cultures. In an SOS placement, students spend 1-3 months in a location partnering with a missionary or organization in an internship capacity, helping where the need and their skillsets meet.

SOS placements are individualized for the student based on country/region interests, academic major, vocational pursuits and timing.

Please note, your contribution is tax-deductible and non-refundable. If for any reason this team raises more than needed to cover the cost of the trip, the Global Education & Outreach Office will reallocate the funds to scholarship other students or provide additional ministry supplies. If due to some unforeseen circumstance a student is unable to participate in this trip, your gift will still be used to support the outreach efforts of Vanguard University.  In the unusual event that the trip is cancelled, your gift will be used for a future team or another global outreach of Vanguard University.

If you have any questions about your contribution, please call our office at 714.662.5282 or send us an email. Your support has an extraordinary impact.

Thank you!

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