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The mission for the office of Global Education and Outreach (GEO) is to equip students to pursue knowledge and deepen their faith through local and global outreach, study abroad and experiential education. GEO desires for every student to participate in a cross-cultural engagement opportunity during their time as a student that puts their faith and education into action.

Through our outreach programs, students are able to step into a specific opportunity, utilize their education to meet immediate felt and Kingdom needs, and contribute to enhancing the longevity of VU's relationships and impact. Consistently, students are amazed at how the Lord meets them where they are, exposes them to new people and needs, and empowers them to put their faith into action. All programs are shaped in partnership with long-term missionaries and local churches for sustainability and scalability. However, many students are unable to participate in our program because they cannot afford it.

Study abroad programs are among the top reasons students choose to attend a university, and are shown to have significant impacts on personal and professional growth. However, on a national level, only 10% of students go – and cost is the leading prohibiting factor for VU students. Often, students do not even apply to the program they are interested in because they think it won't be affordable.

The top reason students do not engage in either outreach or study abroad opportunities both domestically and abroad is the cost. Without strong financial support through their personal networks or the availability of scholarships, their involvement in these programs is limited and they often don't even attempt to participate because of it.  The GEO Office is hoping to build a larger fund base to be able to offer more scholarships every year to students so that cost will no longer be the barrier to have these enriching and life changing experiences.

Please note, your contribution is tax-deductible and non-refundable. If for any reason this team raises more than needed to cover the cost of the trip, the Global Education & Outreach Office will reallocate the funds to scholarship other students or provide additional ministry supplies. If due to some unforeseen circumstance a student is unable to participate in this trip, your gift will still be used to support the outreach efforts of Vanguard University.  In the unusual event that the trip is cancelled, your gift will be used for a future team or another global outreach of Vanguard University.

If you have any questions about your contribution, please call our office at 714.662.5282 or send us an email. Your support has an extraordinary impact.

Thank you!

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