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Global Education & Outreach


Welcome to the office of Global Education and Outreach. Our mission is to equip students to pursue knowledge and deepen their faith through local and global outreach, study abroad, and service learning. We desire for every student to participate in a cross-cultural engagement opportunity during their time as a student.

From participating in a local service project to spending a semester overseas, our desire is that each student engages with others and actively integrates their education and Christian faith.

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Areas of Involvement


Every person has the right to learn and grow. Many struggle with receiving a solid education locally and globally due to a variety of factors. Whether it is a language barrier or lack of resources, we want to be a community that as we focus on our education, we are able to steps in those gaps to invest in the education of others.

Community Development

Empowerment is the difference between doing something for someone versus them learning to do for themselves. We long to invest in the efforts that are encouraging and empowering people in all walks of life to take steps to better themselves, their families and their communities. We value this form of ministry because as people are able to take ownership and value themselves and their God-given abilities, there is sustainability.

Church Planting

We believe that one of the primary means that the Kingdom of God is expanded is through intentional and strategic church planting. We desire to be a community that is invested in the church and supports its growth around the world.

Social Justice

There is endless opportunity for the body of Christ to step into the many needs in the social justice arena to stand with those who are hurting and speak up for those who can’t. Working with other areas of our campus as well as local and global ministries, we strive to see those who are often unnoticed and bring forth freedom and healing.

Cross-Cultural Engagement

As a university, our mission is to develop culturally-competent individuals that have put their education into practice. Engaging with different people groups and cultures is essential to accomplishing this. Whether this is traveling to the other side of the world on an outreach or study abroad trip, or working with the refugee population in our own county, there are plenty of ways to dive into cross-cultural engagement efforts.

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