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Theology Minors

The Department of Theology currently offers a general minor in Theology and a minor in Women & Justice. 

Minor in Theology

The minor in Theology is intended to provide students with an opportunity for deeper enrichment in the study of theology. The minor creates a pathway for students not majoring in theology to pursue electives in the School of Theology and Ministry that align well with the student's passions and area of discipline.

There are separate requirements for the minor based whether the student is enrolled in an on campus undergraduate program or an online/professional education program. 

Minor in Women & Justice

The minor in Women & Justice is an interdisciplinary course of study administered by the Department of Theology. The minor is designed to provide students a theoretical and practical overview of the study of women and women’s issues in society from the perspective of various disciplines.

In the Women & Justice Minor, I learned what it means to make a difference in the world, and how to do it with impact through research and data. I gained a family from all different ethnic, gender and major backgrounds. This minor changed my life, and my time at Vanguard would have been lacking if it weren’t for the Global Center for Women and Justice.Jasmine French '18


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