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Learn How to Disciple People Across Various Generations and Cultures with a Degree in Theology and a Concentration in Christian Formation & Discipleship

The BA in Theology with a concentration in Christian Formation & Discipleship is designed to help you learn the process of making spiritually formed followers of Jesus through ministry to children, youth, and adults. You will obtain the skills needed to effectively contribute, in partnership with the Holy Spirit, to the formation of disciples of Jesus.

Gain Practical Experience

You will have an opportunity to practice preaching and teaching in a classroom setting among your peers, develop a Code of Ethics governing your pastoral practice, and deepen your skills in pastoral care with professors who have had years of ministerial experience.

Focus with Specialized Courses

You will have an opportunity to take classes that specialize in the spiritual formation and development of children, youth, or adults including the unique curricular and structural challenges faced by caring for each age group.

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