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Prepare to Share the Powerful and Transformative Word of God with a Degree in Theology and a Concentration in Biblical Studies

The BA in Theology with a concentration in Biblical Studies is designed to help prepare you to share and communicate the word of God effectively, relevantly, and powerfully to those around you. You will acquire tools and skills through in-depth study of Scripture and the biblical languages. This is a degree concentration that will not only deepen your knowledge of God, but it will also strengthen your personal relationship with Him.  

Study Ancient Languages 

You will have an opportunity to study biblical Hebrew or biblical Greek with trained professors of Old Testament and New Testament. You will be enriched by the study of the Bible in its original languages, never looking at the Bible the same way again.  

Deepen Your Understanding

You will enhance your personal study of the Bible with a deeper understanding of theology, culture, and social context of the Old and New Testaments. With focused classes on specific books of the Bible, the history of its people, its theology, and its culture, the Bible will come alive in unimaginable ways.

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