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Set the Stage with a Degree in Theatre Arts and a Concentration in Technical Production

Personalized instruction and supervised, hands-on technical experiences that stretch from designs-on-paper to fully realized productions provide exciting challenges for the student in the BA in Theatre Arts with a Concentration in Technical Production. You will develop skills for success in graduate studies or in the technical theatre workplace. All productions are staffed by student technicians, including running crews, lighting crews, riggers, stage managers, sound operators and costume/makeup assistants. Many assistant designer position opportunities are also available throughout the production season.

Find your Focus

You will take courses such as Stage Management, Scenic and Lighting Design Fundamentals, Makeup and Costume Design Fundamentals, Props Design Lab, Set Construction, Scenic Painting, Costume Construction, Audio, and more. You can gear your concentration and production duties to whatever you are passionate about learning the most. Your degree culminates with a Senior Project that can encompass live theatre or film production emphasizing whatever aspect the tech major desires. 

Multimedia Integration

The program works in a holistic approach by giving our ‘Tech Titans’ a multimedia experience to production. From miniatures and modeling to green screen and live streams, you will have hands-on experience designing and crafting multimedia for live performance. In collaboration with the Department of Communication, you will also take a sequence of film production courses that will broaden your field of expertise and help create working relationships with other students for filmmaking projects. 

Internships and Scholarships

Paid internships are available for technical students with partners American Coast Theater Company and Musical Theatre Mayhem with Broadway industry professionals in the summer. "Tech Titans" are also eligible for additional scholarships through the Department of Theatre Arts. 

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