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Address Social Inequalities by Pursuing a Career in Social Service and Public Health Fields with a Degree in Sociology

The BA in Sociology equips you with the tools needed to make sense of the shifting social world and contribute solutions to difficult social problems.

Through the lens of sociology, you will learn about the social causes and consequences of common human experiences and issues, including love, religious faith, identity, morality, gender, race, family, prejudice and discrimination, poverty, war and peace, education, economics, and the various relationships between the individual and the state. This knowledge can then be used across multiple sectors, from politics to social welfare.

Engage with Real-World Issues 

Our curriculum enables you to explore complex social problems that deeply impact our modern world. Specializing in areas such as social services, criminology, public health, and immigration - we offer you a platform to delve into societal challenges that matter to you. Our courses are more than academic studies; they are gateways to understanding real-world scenarios from a Christian perspective, enabling you to make a meaningful impact. 

Connect with Experts and Mentors 

Engage in enriching dialogues through our speaker series, featuring professionals from various sociology-related fields like domestic violence shelters, homeless services, and foster care. This is complemented by a robust alumni network, ready to mentor you, share experiences, and offer insights. These interactions are not just conversations; they are bridges connecting academic theory with practical, real-life applications, nurturing your growth both intellectually and spiritually. 

Empowerment through Service 

We believe in the power of active engagement. Our department regularly hosts “serve days” in partnership with the local social service agencies where many of our students intern. We also provide scholarships for conference attendance, which enable you to present your work in the context of a national forum. These opportunities are not just for academic enrichment; they are stepping-stones to put your faith into action, enabling you to be an agent of change in society. By engaging in these practical experiences, you prepare to lead with empathy, understanding, and a commitment to social justice. 

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