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Sociology Minors

The Department of Sociology currently offers a general minor in Sociology, a minor in Criminology & Criminal Justice, a minor in Public Health and a minor in Social Work. 

Minor in Sociology

The minor in Sociology prepares students to be professionally-competent social scientists who are devoted to the public good. The minor requires that at least half of all units be taken at Vanguard University. 

Minor in Criminology & Criminal Justice

This minor presents students with the fundamental theories of criminology and the criminal justice system’s major elements: law enforcement, the courts and corrections. Students examine the social conditions that contribute to the development and spread of crime and consider various societal approaches to crime control.

Minor in Public Health

The minor in Public Health teaches students about the social issues affecting health and wellness. Topics include social inequalities in health, culture change and social impact on mental and physical health. Health care leaders and policy makers increasingly recognize that understanding this subject is essential for professionals working toward a healthier society.

Minor in Social Work

The Social Work minor introduces students to the profession of social work, examining its fields of practice and societal role. Students learn the various roles, functions and tasks that social workers perform across a variety of settings; and examine social workers’ duty to engage in social and economic justice on behalf of vulnerable and oppressed populations.

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