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The mission of the Department of Sociology is to equip the next generation of scholar-practitioners to be professionally competent social scientists who are devoted to the public good.

We are a community of learners dedicated to comprehending the cultural and social dimensions of human existence. The program is based on a collaborative learning model wherein faculty and students work together to systematically study human cultural diversity and to analyze the complex relationship that exists between human beings and the social processes and the institutions they create.

We offer students rigorous preparation in social science theory and method and provide regular opportunities for field research with the aim of developing their capacity to apply social science to problem-solving in diverse professional contexts. Our faculty work closely with their students to help them discover their vocation and strengthen their engagement with and in Jesus’ kingdom. Finally, we strive to cultivate in our students a moral vision of professional life so that they remain committed to advancing public good in the vocations they pursue as Vanguard alumni.

Sociology Major

The sociology major seeks to equip student scholars with the theoretical, methodological, substantive and practical tools necessary to investigate, understand and engage contemporary and future social life.

Social Work Minor

The minor in Social Work is intended to be an interdisciplinary course of study administered by the Department of Sociology.  The minor is designed to provide students a theoretical and practical overview of the social work field from the perspective of various disciplines.

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Social Work Minor
Total units: 21

The minor requires a total of 21 units from four categories.  In completing the requirements for the minor, a minimum of 12 units must be distinct and different from the units used to complete the requirements of a major or another minor.  Any units above this minimum may be double counted.


SOC 310 Introduction to Social Work

SOC/ANTH 343 Class, Race, Ethnicity & Gender

SOCIAL STRUCTURES:  Select one of the following courses

POLS 446 Public Policy Issues

SOC 230 Social Problems

SOC 376 Immigration and Diversity

SOC 377 Migrants and Refugees

SOC/ANTH 470 Special Topic: Community Development

FAMILY:  Select two of the following courses

SOC/PSYC 312 Death, Grief, and Loss

SOC 332 Marriage and the Family

SOC/ANTH 334 Gender, Culture and Society

SOC/PSYC 336 Managing Crisis

SOC 338 Child Welfare

SOC 345/PSYC 344 Special Topic: Aging and Society

PSYC 221 Developmental Psychology

PSYC 373 Psychology of the Family

HEALTH:  Select one of the following courses

SOC/ANTH 375 Social Issues of Health & Wellness

SOC 337 Public Health

SOC/PSYC 382 Mental Illness in Society

PSYC 383 Addiction Studies

WJST435 Human Trafficking Aftercare

YOUR CHOICE:  Select one course from any of the categories above.

Other courses may count as an elective for the minor as they are developed or as approved by the Sociology Department Chair.

A Sampling of Sociology Courses

Intro to Social Work

Immigration and Diversity

Class, Race, Ethnicity

Meet Our Faculty & Staff

Stephanie D'Auria

Associate Professor of Sociology, Chair, Sociology Department

Hien Park

Associate Professor of Sociology

Isaac Voss

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Vincent Gil

Emeritus Professor of Medical Anthropology and Human Sexuality

Phillip Robinette

Professor Emeritus of Sociology

Cheryl Jensen

Program Coordinator, Social Sciences

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